Pearl Above Fire

James Potter sat alone on the Hogwarts grounds. It was quiet out here. He needed some time alone for himself.  He had few time to just sit alone and think. It was nice. He laid on his back, just looking at the sky. It was pale blue and dusk would begin soon.

It was really quiet. Maybe too quiet for him. He sighed, not wanting get up but talk to someone.

As if answering his wish, someone came over next to him and sat down. It was the reserved but intelligent Lily Evans. She smiled at him with amused eyes. James often thought her eyes were very gorgeous. How many people did one meet with beautiful bright green eyes?

A grin appeared on James’ face. He turned his face slightly to meet hers. He looked up to see the girl’s long dark red hair. She wasn’t looking down at him but up into the sky. “So what’s Perfect Prefect Evans doing here?”

Lily rolled her eyes and answered. “Nothing really. Just watching the clouds go by. Then again, all the clouds are almost all gone, so that excuse is worthless,” she said. She liked to joke like this to him. Saying his own thoughts. He often wondered what else Lily knew. “But the moon’s nice.”

James scanned the sky to see it. It was too high from the horizon and was above faying clouds. It was still early because the clouds were not yet a hint of pink or purple. Lily turned her head to him smiling happily. “It’s very pretty.”

James blinked. “The moon?”

“The pearl above the fire,” she said. What? James looked curiously up at her.


Lily let herself lie on the grass alongside James. She pointed up at the moon. “The full moon. See those clouds below it? They’ll be changing colors soon because that,” she spanned the sky and pointed at the sunset, James following her finger, “is going down but the moon is already out. Now the clouds there-” she brought her finger back to the clouds under the moon. “are yellow and orange, and maybe a tinge of red. It’s like fire. Well the full moon’s like a pearl and it’s above the clouds, which is the fire.”

“Oh!” James said, seeing what she meant. They sat quietly for a few moments. James sighed and as he glanced up at the darkening sky that it was a full moon. “Oh,” James said again, more quietly.

“Hm?” Lily asked. She was still on the ground beside him. James would’ve liked to stay with her but…

“Er… Lily? We have to go,”  James said, getting himself up. He helped up Lily who looked at him in curiosity.


“Well, it’s the full moon and… well, you know, people say that there’s a werewolf on the grounds,” James nervously explained. He wished he could tell her. He couldn’t though. He made a pact with his friends. He couldn’t break it.

“Oh,” Lily said disappointed. James hated seeing her sad but he couldn’t let her get hurt.

“C’mon, we’ll be missing dinner,” he escorted her to the steps of Hogwarts. He held her hand but she didn’t protest at all. He feigned from showing embarrassment. Lily was his friend but he’d been having mixed feelings about her for quite awhile. Why on earth did he have to feel this way? Why couldn’t he just not this of her that way? It was so confusing. Good thing his friends didn’t know yet, they would’ve started teasing him already. Yet they’d find out eventually. They always did. James wasn’t just ready for them to – not when he wasn’t sure himself.

When they reached the Entrance Hall, James was about to break off and leave when Lily kept her hold. “Please don’t go,” she pleaded.

“I-I-I… I can’t!” James said, trying to convince himself more than anyone else.



Lily led him somewhere. James didn’t know what to do. He had to go to the Shrieking Shack… his friends were waiting for him. Then there was Lily… he couldn’t resist not letting himself just get dragged by her. He led her up… to the Astronomy Tower. James was confused. “Wha?”

James just looked at her, utterly dumbfounded. Before he knew it Lily’s soft lips brushed his. Surprised at first, James didn’t do anything. After all, this was Lily. Lily! His friend Lily! But that did not stop him from kissing her back. Her affectionate kiss grew deeper and more passionate as James kissed her. James had kissed many other girls but it was different with Lily. There were actual true real feelings. There was love in their kiss.

They broke away reluctantly. Lily was flushed and lightly panting. James sighed, not knowing what to do. He couldn’t help but think, ‘Did that just happen?’

Lily looked down, embarrassed. James looked at her with gratefulness. He raised her head up with his hand. “What was that for?” he asked softly.

Lily blushed deeper. “I-I don’t know what came over me… I just… didn’t think… I…”

She didn’t explain any further for James started to kiss her again. It was softer… lighter… shorter.

When the second kiss was done, James only said. “I have to go… we’ll talk about this tomorrow, I promise…” He reluctantly left her, not letting her hand go until he couldn’t anymore.

Lily stood alone in the Astronomy Tower, winded and feeling free. She was alone but yet she wasn’t. She had won the heart of James Potter. She could only wonder if she’d be Mrs. Lily Potter when she was married. She desperately hoped so.

She would look forward to seeing another pearl in the sky. A smile spread across face and she grinned as she made her way to the Great Hall.

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