Pirates of the Caribbean 6 – Dead Menʻs Return

Henry had described Carina’s support and addition to her entire search for the Dreizack. Will had been silent, and Elizabeth, too, seemed very eager to know what her son had done in his absence.

Silence filled the comfortable living room when Henry finished his story until Will broke the silence.
“I … I do not know how I can thank you both, Henry and Carina. I do not believe you can grasp how easily you have my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. “Henry smiled.
“I think I can imagine a little how you were. I finally lived with not seeing you for ten years. “But Will shook his head.
“You can not do that, and I do not want you to worry about such thoughts. You can not imagine how it is to leave your old life behind you, leave your love alone, knowing that you can only look back after ten years for a day, to live with the knowledge that your wife, your children, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren will have to translate them to the other side!
Henry, I did not know I was a father for ten years, I did not know about your existence for ten years, for ten years I did not know how Elizabeth was going, whether she was up, whether she’d found a safe home, I knew nothing! Then I saw you for a day, from sunset to sunset, and my life was richer for a joyous day, but only to make the parting all the more painful.
I had ten more years in front of me, ten years, when I did not think to see you or Elizabeth. When I found you on my ship after almost three years … Where did you get the confidence in me from where did you take the courage to row out alone on the sea and drop you into the depths in the firm belief that I would save you ? You saw me once in your whole life and still found the courage to confide your life to me.
I had resigned myself to my fate, but when you stood on the Dutchman’s planks and told me about the Dreizack, and I saw how fast time flies, how fast you grow up, you gave me hope. But I did not want you risking something to save me, so I was so dismissive. When the next ten years were over, and I was allowed to spend another day on land, you were already grown up and I had not heard of it, nothing of your childhood, nothing of your youth.
I left both of you in the knowledge of seeing you, Henry, only when you have already founded your own family. There are only these pictures for me, one of the nine-year-old Henry, one of the twelve-year-old and one of the nineteen-year-old. Only after twenty years can I be part of your life and if you had not been so brave, I would not have received this gift either. You and Carina, you have saved me from leading an immortal and unhappy life, you have saved me from coming to the beach and not finding anyone. You can not imagine this and it is better. No man deserved to live that way. ”

Again, deep silence fell over the four. Will put an arm around Elizabeth and she leaned her head against his shoulder. Henry stared at the ground and Carina did not really know where to go. But somehow Henry lifted his head again.
“Father, what happened to Grandfather?”

Will paused briefly, then he began.
“After seeing you, his Enkelsohn, a second time, he left the crew in England. He wanted to see my mother again, but she had already died. For him there was nothing left in England, and so he re-entered the new world. He died at sea, the age had finally caught him. I offered him to spend another hundred years at the Dutchman, but he refused and I had to let my father go to the other side. “His eyes shone treacherously and Elizabeth gently stroked his arm.
“I’m sorry father. I did not want that … ”
“It’s okay. You have a right to know what happened to your grandfather. “Will tried a brief smile in Henry’s direction, but he missed and he lowered his eyes again. Again, uncomfortable silence spread in the living room, none of the four knew how to move from this theme to a happier one. Finally, Elizabeth put her hand to Will’s cheek and turned his head so he had to look at her. She pulled him to him and kissed him long and tenderly.
Then she said softly, “But even though you lost your father, you recovered your family, and I think another member as well.” She smiled at Carina, who blushed a little.
“If you allow it, Mister Turner, I’d like to spend the night here. I honestly do not know where else I should be. “Henry looked at her briefly and his eyes glowed as he looked at his parents. Will really had to smile now. “Of course you can stay here. What would I be for a man if, on the first day of my new-born mortality, I would send a young woman away after nightfall? Besides, I do not think Henry would allow me to send you. “He grinned in the direction of his son, who was now the same age as Will was when he’d seen Elizabeth after years of social divorce. Henry looked embarrassed, but Will saw the glow in his eyes.
“Thank you, Mister Turner,” Carina said, smiling shyly at him.



The sun had long disappeared behind the horizon when two figures entered the narrow path to the coast. It was a clear, lukewarm night, and a light breeze made the sea rustle softly. Close together, Elizabeth and Will went down to the beach. Silence accompanied the two, but not an unpleasant one, but a silence that did not want to be filled with words that could not say more than the silent intimacy of the two. The moon was reflected in the crinkled water as well as the countless stars in the dark sky. Will and Elizabeth sat down in the warm sand of the day and watched for a while on the horizon.

“I still can not believe it,” after a long time Elizabeth’s voice broke through the noises of the night. She looked Will in the eyes. “You came back. I … I still think I have to say goodbye tomorrow. It is … so unreal. This happiness will not work my head. “Will smiled and stroked her softly through the wind-blown dark-blond hair before he pulled her closer to him.
“Believe me, I can not believe it. I have never resigned myself to my – with our fate, but I have not expected to ever be able to live again as a normal human being. Immortality is not desirable, at least not alone. And that I am now repeating you, that exceeds my most daring ideas. “Since there was nothing to be said, the two sank in a kiss that was at first tender, but then more and more passionate.



Henry and Carina were standing in front of the house of the Turner family and looked down over the island in front of them. The crowns of the waves glittered silvery in the light of the bright moon. A deep, comprehensive happiness had spread in Henry as he stood here, with Carina by his side, and the consciousness that his parents felt as deeply lucky as he now was. The world in which he lived had become many times brighter. A faint sobbing tore him out of the cocoon of happiness. He looked to the side and saw tears shimmer in Carina’s eyes. Without saying a word, he took her silent in his arms and brushed her a little awkwardly over the dark hair.
“Henry …”, she looked up at him and the tears had now looked their way over Carina’s cheeks, “you seem so happy, your parents are reunited, you have your father again, but I-” A renewed sobbing interrupted her , “I know only recently who my father was. Is. Was. I saw him and … and he left me right away. I have no hope of ever seeing him again. ”
“I know. Carina, you … your father … that … I’m so incredibly sorry! “She pressed her face to his chest and let her tears finally free. Henry tried as best he could to comfort her. When her tears were gone, Carina looked at Henry again.
“If … if there was a way to get my father back, would you … come with me?”
“I will accompany you everywhere, Carina. What you did for my father … I owe you a lot. I will do whatever is possible on this earth to bring back your father. ”
“Thank you,” she whispered, snug closer to him.



A wooden parlor creaked. Outside, a thunderstorm raged, violent gusts of wind fluttering the heavy curtains hanging from a not-closed window. The moon sent its rays from time to time through the thick dark clouds which had covered the sky during the night and had now produced this storm.
A tall figure looked for the way through the House of Turners to Wills and Elizabeth’s bedroom. The door creaked as it opened. Heavy steps were heard on the wooden floor. A shadow fell on the boards of the bedroom lightly lit by the light of the moon. A well-known shadow.
A hat was sitting on a broad head, and a scissor scissor stood out on one arm. With a throbbing heart, Will snapped up from sleep, just to see the crab snapping.
Will woke up with a sweat and looked around the room with a flying breath. There was no sign of Davy Jones. Reluctantly, Will let the lingering air flow from his lungs. Still, he looked around for security in the bedroom. But soon he did the horror as a nightmare after a busy day and a half-night. He took the tightly sleeping Elizabeth in his arms and soon fell asleep again.



The morning came much too early, but with it the storm of the night. The clouds had warped and gave a glimpse of a beautiful Caribbean sunrise.
But none of the gymnasts, nor Carina, paid attention to this everyday miracle. And for a simple reason – they were still asleep. But not long, for as soon as the sun had climbed a little higher over the horizon, their rays fell into Turner’s bedroom. Elizabeth awoke as the first and her first look that day fell on her beloved Will. The feeling of happiness, which had been deeply embedded in her heart yesterday, multiplied, when she recalled that you did not farewell today. This day, as well as anyone who would follow, was allowed to spend with Will. A smile stole involuntarily.
“Good morning, my dearest.” Wills gentle voice made her smile grow wider.
“Good morning.” Elizabeth leaned toward him and kissed him gently. Will’s mood rose at once as her lips touched, yet the shadow of his dream remained. That Elizabeth was a burden to him, Elizabeth did not remain hidden.
“What’s wrong with you?” She asked worried. “I had a dream last night. I saw that … “Elizabeth waited patiently until he continued. “I saw Davy Jones. He stood here. Here in this room! “Elizabeth suppressed a rattle.
“You say yourself, it was just a dream,” she tried to calm him.
“Elizabeth, it was a very real dream. And…”
“What?” Elizabeth asked impatiently.
“Elizabeth, the Dutchman needs a captain. Now I’m no longer on the Dutchman, so who is her captain? ”
“You mean … you mean, Calypso … Davy Jones back?” She stared at him, aghast. “But how? Why?”
Will shook his head. “I dont know. I honestly do not want to know. But I dreamed it. ”
“Even if Davy Jones had actually been here, of which I’m not going, he can not land for ten years now. So what does that mean to you? “Elizabeth looked into her husband’s eyes.
Will sighed. “You’re right. It would not make any sense. Calypso himself said he was a bad captain. On the other hand, Henry said he had lifted all the curses of the seas. This is also the curse of the Dutchman. ”
“Will, please, do not be crazy about it!”
“I know. It was just a nightmare. ”
“A nightmare after such a night … Should I be offended now?” Elizabeth asked, laughing, and grinned at Will, who at first stared at her speechless and then sprang up to silence his stupid woman with a kiss.

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