One vote ….
Quiet. As if his subconscious mind was talking to him.
Again this voice. The sound seemed familiar to him. Frighteningly familiar yet it could not be that that person spoke to him. Was he dead? A slight shake of his shoulder showed him that he was still alive.

He forced his eyes open, but his limbs did not obey him. Again he heard the voice, and this time he understood his name. “Anthony … .. come on. Tony …. awake, “demanded the clearly masculine person of him.

He thought hard about what had happened the last few hours. Only dark could he remember the events. He sat in a humvee and was on the way back to the base after he had performed the Jericho. Jimmy wanted to take a picture with him and then there was an explosion. Shots had fallen and he saw young soldiers let their life. The strong industrial logo appeared intellectually before his eye and that was also the last thing he had consciously noticed. A voice around him and now the single person who called him again by name. But why did the person know his name? He was in Afghanistan or was he already at home?

“Anthony … Tony … ..” He heard a sigh and felt the ceiling pull up. Then steps. The person removed. It was only with difficulty that he blinked something. The light dazzled and he immediately closed his eyes again. He focused and blinked again before a dry cough attack shook his body. Tony gasped and looked disoriented for some liquid. His mouth was like a dry desert. On a side table were two mugs. He threw down the first cup. He got the second cup just like this, and gulped down the water. However, he coughed again and turned to the side, uncirculated.

“You should be careful not to tear out the cable.” Just wanted to ask which cable when he saw the bandage on his chest. He followed it until he saw the car battery. “What …. what did you do with me? “he cried to the stranger, who had turned his back on him. “I saved you, Anthony.” “How do you know my name?” He asked, his eyes widening as the person turned around. “I should probably know it best. After all, I gave you the name. ”

He stepped closer to him, and Tony slid farther back. “That … .. you’re dead!”

~ Oo ~

Howard could not even blame him for his reaction. On the one hand, he was glad that he had met his son again. On the other hand, he was afraid how he would react. But first of all he had to save his son’s life. With the help of Ho Yinsen, they had succeeded in removing as many shrapnel as possible. The electromagnet was the smallest problem. He had really thought Tony would not make it. Every day he had sat beside him and prayed.

“As you can see, I’m not,” he told him softly, sitting down beside him on the stool. “You’re not my father,” Tony said, turning away. “We do not have time to debate.” Tony shook his head. “You speak the same way as before. But even if you were my father, you will never be for me. You’re dead. “The words met him and he looked away. But what had he expected? “Listen, we have to get out of here and then I’ll tell you everything.” “What is it, anyway?” Tony asked, looking at the bandage. “An electromagnet. I do not know what happened to you, but we could not remove any shrapnel. They would walk to your heart wall and kill you. The magnet prevents the chips from moving further. ”

Well, he had not been available any more. “They want you to build the Jericho bomb.” “We’re not coming out alive anyway.” Howard shook his head. “I thought I had brought you more backbone. Instead, you are now lying like a bunch of misery on the mattress and give up before you’ve ever started to make something of your new life. ”

“You say that to me? You do not know me at all. Whoever you are, you have no right to patronize me. “Howard lied to it, shrugging. “How you mean. In any case, you only have the opportunity to get us out of here. “He turned away and went back to the ladle on the small fire.

“Where are we here?” Tony interrupted the silence after a while and Howard saw that he had set himself up. “Somewhere in the mountains.” Tony nodded and sat down beside him. “How come you here?” Howard looked at his son. “It’s a long story. I would actually wait with the detailed version until we have found a solution and are gone. It’s just a matter of time to keep us alive. “This time, Tony and Howard nodded to him that he was also thinking about how they could escape. “Only that much. You are right, that I actually be dead or I would be with now probably in a more advanced age. It’s not my time. I will not tell you more. We should cooperate to get out of here. ”

~ Oo ~

It was so incredible that his father was sitting with him. On the one hand, he would love to throw everything at his head, which he could never tell him. On the other hand, it was so incredibly happy to see him again and secretly he had missed him. Should not every child have a father? He never had one. Not really, and since Howard Stark had passed away, there had been so many situations in which he would have wished for his father. But whether he had been there for him, he still doubted.

“I want to know. Everything. What happened. “Howard nodded. “You’ll know everything when we’re gone.” When Howard suggested to cooperate, Tony looked at him shocked. “You want to help them? They are criminals! Those who abuse our weapons! “” Anthony, I do not have to help them. But it could improve our chances of getting material. “He had thought about it, but what if they came behind? Their plan had to be so sophisticated that they would not need long to implement.

He looked at the electromagnet and at the battery. How long did it last? But before he could think about it, the door was opened and armed men came in. They shouted at them in unintelligible language. But Howard had often seen this before, so he stood up and crossed his arms behind his head. “Take care,” he ordered, and before Tony thought about it, he had also folded his arms. One of the men stepped forward and pushed Ho Yinsen to the ground. The unknown man looked terrible. Apparently he had been tortured. The man began to talk and Yinsen translated the message.

They were no choice. Either they would give in and build the bomb or they would be tortured. Tony knew this without saying it. But he had seen the people who died for his sake and because of his weapons that bore his name. He did not want and before he could prevent it, a clear ‘No’ left his mouth.

~ Oo ~

A moment later, he was dipped under the water. He felt stifled and tried to defend himself. Tony gasped and coughed. He could not even breathe for a moment, since he was already dived under the water again. Before they could submerge him again, he gave up. Instead, he counted on what he needed to build the Jericho. He needed something.

It took one day for the workers to procure the materials and tools. Before he wanted to take care of the supposed bomb, he had to exchange the electromagnet. Howard had taken care of the injuries of Ho Yinsen, who had taken Tony’s place on the mattress.

However, the bustle of Tony aroused the interest of Howard and he let Yinsen sleep. “Can I help?” He asked, surveying the situation. Tony had removed the caps of the bombs and was filling them. “Yes, I need someone to remove the Palladium.” It was an advantage that Howard did not need any explanation. Finally, he knew how to deal with the metal, and a little later they could melt it and process it into a ring. Slowly he got a picture of what his son was planning to build. He knew the plans of the ARC better than anyone else. Still, he could not imagine it working. While Tony soldered some connections, Howard set about building weapons for their escape. He was used to making weapons from the simplest available materials. Besides, he knew the war better than anyone else in this room. It did not keep him from the rest that time was working against them.

He looked Tony over his shoulder as he turned on the ARC. Recognizing, he nodded. “You managed to build him even smaller. Impressive “” Yes, not just that. I have a plan of how to get out of here. “With that, he spread out the silk paper and put it over each other. Howard had to smile. “Good idea. Simple, but it should be enough to flee. It reminds me a bit of the Sentinels. “” Senti …. senti …. what? “” A kind of combat suit that I have developed. It was just more or less a draft. “” Understand … .. what is? Let’s get to work. “” Of course, “agreed Howard, and before they really started, he set Tony the ARC reactor. He replaced the magnet and gave Tony the freedom needed.

They made the parts cut out and welded together.

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