Significant Other (Part One: Changes)

It was all changed.

When the infamous Harry Potter had defeated the evil of Lord Voldemort an unexpected thing happened. The world started over.

Tom Marvolo Riddle was never born. He died along with his mother when she was trying to give birth.

Events never happened, such as the death of Lily and James Potter or Cedric Diggory. There was no dark side. There were dark wizards but no sides. Yes, there was still hatred — nothing could change that — but there was peace for the most part. Harry Potter was never famous, he was a normal person at last. Sirius Black was never convicted, Colin Creevy never had a taken any pictures with him, and he never lived with the Dursleys. Though Harry was not that happy, he wasn’t relieved. He couldn’t remember his old life, so how could he know that he should’ve been feeling liberated?

Many bad things were exchanged with good outcomes.

But there experiences that were not so beneficial. Harry Potter did meet Ron Weasley in Hogwarts but they never met Hermione Granger. She had gone to another school. An all girls witchcraft school. Also Severus Snape had never changed sides but he still hated Harry – some things just won’t change. Yet Harry had no problem with this.

Yes, he had expectations while he attended Hogwarts. Not ones of fame and the burden of defeating the most terrible dark wizard of their time but ones of academic advancement and humorous pranks. A lot was undeniably different.

He had already graduated and working part-time at the Daily Prophet until he found a more permanent occupation. Finding a career was no easier than it ever was. He and Ron were roommates in a pent house in London. It was right near Diagon Alley so it wasn’t far from work. The Daily Prophet had an office in there so it was more than just a little convenient.

It was somewhat easy; he didn’t really need a prosperous career – his parents had inherited money and he owned half of that. He never suspected it was once all his. He just worked as a journalist reporting any exciting news. His articles were often on the front page.

There were some inconveniences to the job too. He had clashed into Rita Skeeter many times. The woman seemed to loathe him. Well, it didn’t matter. No one at the Daily Prophet liked her anyway. There was also Colin Creevy, who was nice enough, just too engrossed into worshipping celebrities. He was only lucky to receive the occupation of photographer (and Colin was the one who took the pictures corresponding to Harry’s articles).

It was a new life… yet some things were better left alone… but somehow some things that were truly meant to be would find themselves piecing together.


“…and The Chudley Cannons will be using Firebolts against the Sweetwater All-Stars in the next world cup,” Harry recited as he finished typing down his article on his typewriter. He shook his head in still mild disbelief.

Ron, sitting on one of the kitchen tables, was grinning widely. “See?” he teased, “I told you they’re the best!”

“Well, they still have to beat the Sweetwater All-Stars,” Harry reasoned, frowning.

“Yeah, yeah… but the Sweetwater All-Stars have got to be thick… I mean it… Sweetwater? What a wimpy name.” Ron was just being himself.

“Don’t underestimate people Ron,” Harry said pointedly, getting up from his chair and sorting his pages.

“Eh.. Americans,” Ron said.

Harry shook his head in half amusement and half discountenance. “Well, I’ve got to go submit this,” Harry laughed. He took his papers and bag. “See you later!” he waved as he exited.

“Yeah, later!” Ron said nonchalantly as he continued to watch the television which Harry bought.

Harry entered the Leaky Cauldron with simple but friendly hellos. He was still a popular fellow nevertheless – fame wasn’t really needed. He was kind of in a hurry so he rushed into the back and got out his wand. Diagon was quite busy and filled with many children since it was soon to be September first. He smiled as he remembered his own little shopping spree. It wasn’t as special as it was in his other life but special nonetheless.

He entered a busy office where people were mostly running around. Harry clutched his report tightly, trying not to lose it in the crowded office.

Yet it was hopeless as someone else had run crashing into him. Papers flew and chaos seemed to have erupted. Two voices intertwined as they gasped, “Oh no!”

Harry looked horrified as the final paper reached the floor and the woman who ran into him was revealed.

Bight green eyes met honey brown. The woman blinked at him then gasped. Her hands clasped her mouth and she apologized, “Oh! I’m so, so, so sorry!”

Harry got up and sighed, “It’s all right… here,” he helped her up and keep telling her, “It’s okay… really! No, it’s okay…”

“Are you sure?” she asked, uncertain.

“Yeah, it’s all right,” Harry nodded and started picking up his own papers. “Harry Potter by the way.”

The woman followed suit and answered, “Hermione Granger. Oh! You’re Harry Potter! I like your news articles… though you need to work on your grammar a little.”

Harry frowned, “Er.. right. Do I know you? Maybe from Hogwarts?”

Hermione shook her head. “You can’t have. I didn’t go to Hogwarts.”

“Oh,” Harry’s eyebrows furrowed. This woman was familiar but why? “Are you new here?”

“Yes, an intern you could say,” she shrugged, apparently, having collected all her pages. “I’ll see you again?”

“Er… okay,” Harry breathed. He picked up his last paper. “Well, I’ll you around..” he quickly walked off, a bit embarrassed.

“Harry, where have you been? You’re going to miss your deadline on that!” Colin said when Harry entered his office.

“Yeah, yeah.. I just had a small accident,” Harry grumbled. He set his report on his desk and sat down.

“Oh, have you seen the new intern?” Colin eagerly asked.

“Oh yeah. Hermione Granger?”

Colin nodded, “Yeah. People who knew her in school say she looks really different. I think she’s pretty. She’s nice too but kind of a know-it-all…”

“Er… yeah. I’m going to turn in my article now… see you Colin.”


“Oh, Miss Granger, you’re submitting your article too?” Harry asked when he saw her in their manager’s office.

“Yep,” Hermione sighed. “I hope it’s good enough…”

“I’m sure it is..”


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