Significant Other (Part Three: Soul Mates)

..the only thing missing was.. love.

What was meant to be will be meant to be.

Ron rolled his eyes as Harry left. Harry needed to get a life. He was always cooped up at their flat. What Harry really needed was a girl. It was just too bad Harry could just bump into anybody and immediately fall in love. No, Harry was just too picky.

Sighing, Ron turned off the television. His program had just ended, and he didn’t like the show coming on. Soap operas, oi.

Okay. So now he was alone and bored… that couldn’t be too good. So, what to do?

“Hmm…” not necessarily for the first time, Ron went to check out Harry’s bookshelf. Ron didn’t know why the guy had insisted on buying Muggle books as well as wizard ones. Of course, that may have from Harry’s mother… but then again, who knew? Other Harry and God, of course.

He pulled out a fairly thick book. One titled: The Princess Bride.

Huh… very sappy-like title, but Ron was intrigued. He walked to the couch and just started to read.

Harry opened the door, with a relieving sigh. He was glad the work day was finally over. As he opened the door he found Ron on the couch. Just reading. That was definitely new.

Harry coughed to get his friend’s attention.

Ron slowly lowered the book from his face. “Oh hi Harry…er, who’s that?” she pointed to the woman standing next to his best friend.

“Hermione Granger,” the woman held her hand out.

Ron nodded. “Nice to meet you,” he turned to Harry suspiciously. “How come you never told me about her?”

“I just met her today.”

Ron started to cough. “W-what? Are you serious?!”

Hermione rolled her eyes while Harry answered. “Of course not. Sirius is.”

Ron groaned, “Oh c’mon! Not the pun… anyway.. how did you two meet?”

Hermione giggled nervously. “Er… that was my fault… I actually bumped into him at work.” She looked away, embarrassed.

“No way!”

“What’s no way?” Harry inquired. What Ron blurted out was just random.

“I was just thinking and… oh never mind! Harry I can’t believe you’re dating a girl just the day you met her!” Ron exclaimed.

“We’re not dating!” Harry and Hermione said hotly, their faces flushed.

“We were assigned unto an assignment together,” Hermione informed.

Ron didn’t believe them though. “Oh is that all? Sure you guys are assigned to–?”

“RON!” Harry scolded, his face a shade between pink and red.

Hermione turned to Harry, speaking rather stiffly. “Well, Harry, I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Hermione left abruptly. She just couldn’t work with that Ron in the room. But then… well, she was glad Ron was there… it stopped her from just throwing herself at Harry. She sighed as she left the building. Harry had just done something to her. He made her fall in love with him.

Harry wasn’t any happier when Hermione left. In fact, he was boiling mad.

“You just had to drive my colleague away, didn’t you?! She’ll–”

“What? Screw around with you?” Ron laughed. He needed a good laugh, and it was a perfect situation to tease endlessly.

“RON! Augh! Someone get the newspaper!”


“To hit you upside the head!”

“Then no.”

Harry sighed, frustrated and flopped down on another chair. He crossed his arms, clearly vexed.

“Hey, I’m sorry, okay?” Ron said after a long awkward silence. “I didn’t mean to… I was just so bored.”

“That’s all right,” Harry finally said.

“Why did you bring her here anyway?”

“To work on the article.”


“Shut up.”


“… can I talk now?”


“Well, I just want to say, when you marry her and have kids, that I told you so, so don’t complain.”




“You didn’t have to name her after us,” James Potter told his son.

Harry grinned at his father. “I know that but I wanted to.” James sighed and shook his head.

“Well, let’s just hope he’s not another carbon copy of us.”

Harry nodded grimly. Yes. He had enough of people mistaking him and his father. It was irritating.

A howling scream made the two men cringe.

“Reminds me of your mother’s labor,” James mumbled under his breath. Lily promptly smacked his arm. “Ow! I didn’t mean it Lils…”

“Sure you don’t,” Lily Potter rolled her eyes at her husband. He could be so immature sometimes.

“I’m just glad I’m not there…” Harry grimaced.

“You should be,” Lily told him. “James was me. Through every painstaking minute.” Harry started to feel guilty.

James winced at the memory. “Indeed. Every single painful moment…Lily you hurt my hand so bad that day… my hand’s still sore.” Guilt gone. “Ow! Lils!”

Harry laughed at his parents. They were fun people — even if they were older now. It was like as if they were teenagers again sometimes. Better count Sirius and Remus in on that too.

“Dad! Dad! Granpapa! Grammum! Uncle Ronnie! Uncle Remie! Uncle Thiri!” Three year old Lily Elizabeth Potter jumped up and down as she bounced out of the delivery room. Ron, Remus, and Sirius (who were waiting with them) all groaned simultaneously. Lily E. couldn’t speak clearly yet but she could say the hated nicknames. “‘Ummy was threaming so ‘adly!” She giggled happily. “James Harry wook just wike you ‘oo!” She jumped into her grandmother’s arms and pointed at her father and grandfather.

Harry and James groaned. James muttered, “Not again.”

“Is that so?” Lily asked Lily E. rhetorically. “Well, then more misery to your grandpa.”

“Don’t call me that Lils, it makes me sound old.”

“You can’t make me and you are old.”

Lily E. started to laugh again. Harry sighed. “Well, Lily-girl… I’ll see you later.” He smiled at his daughter and ruffled her hair. Lily E. smiled back. Harry loved his daughter as much as his parents, his wife, and his new baby boy. James Harry Potter.

Harry winced as he entered the delivery room. He smiled as warmly as he could at his wife. He sat next to her. She wasn’t really paying attention to him. Just staring at her beloved, sleeping, new born son.

The baby’s hair was still wispy but they were dark and simply unruly. Unruly black hair –Truly a heredity to Potter men. Hm.

James Harry stirred and started to wake. His eyes opened slowly, revealing big, honey brown eyes.

“Oh.. he’s so beautiful… like his daddy..” Harry’s wife turned to her husband, staring at his bright green eyes.

“I know that ‘Mione,” Harry said and playfully kissed her cheek. “I love you so much,” he whispered into her ear.

Hermione giggled. “Yes… well… let’s call Lily in here.”

“No need!” Lily E. shouted. She was being carried in by Lily.

“She wanted to come back,” Lily explained, putting down Lily E. on the bed. James followed inside the room after Lily. He peered at his grandson.

“Uh-huh… getting a sort of sense of deja vu here.” Lily slapped his arm playfully.

Hermione looked at the door. Outside you could see Ron, Sirius, Remus, and some others trying to peer through the small window in the door. She shook her head disapprovingly. “Honestly! Can’t you guys wait?” she mouthed.

Ron, outside, shrugged.

Harry said, “You know what… he’s saying ‘I told you so’ again! Oy!”

Hermione told me, “Maybe he just knows that I was your significant other before we did.”

“Maybe.. maybe not.”

“Hey!” Lily E. said, getting everyone’s attention. The room was silenced. Lily E. twirled her thick brown hair with a finger as she talked and her green eyes danced with creativity. “What if ‘hat in ‘nother li’e ‘hat grammum and granpapa wat killed, and I’m tho torry grammum and granpapa for taying it, by wike thome dark wizard and ‘hen daddy wived and ‘hen he had to wive wit his ‘ad uncle and aun’ie and coutin, ‘hen ‘ind out he’s a wizard when he get an Hogwar’s letter ‘hen meet Uncle Ronnie and mummy in the twain? ‘Hen every year of Hogwar’s he had to ‘ight ‘hat dark wizard? And he and mummy were des’ined ‘hen ‘oo! And when daddy defee the dark wizard guy, the world tart all over and the bad ‘tuff is gone?”

The room was silent until it was broken by Hermione’s nervous laugh. “Oh Lily, where do you get these things? You have such a wild imagination. Plus dear, that was a run on sentence.” Chatter started once more.

“Sorry, but you know… it could happen!” James Harry started to giggle happily.

“Yes my little Lily,” Harry told his daughter. “Perhaps it could but we’ll never know.”

“But it could happen, couldn’t it?”

“Yes it could.”

“I told you so!”

“Oy vay, Lily E.”

Lily E. only giggled.


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