Someday My Prince Will Come

I can count on one hand how many girls Harry has liked. Three. There was Cho, Ginny, and weird obsession with Blaise Zabini right now. I can also count on one hand the boys I have liked. One. Harry.

Ever since he saved me from the troll first year, I have liked Harry. Its gotten to the point where I am pretty sure I am in love. Unfortunately, Harry doesn’t know it. And, ever since Harry and Ron have noticed girls were…well, girls, I have been their girl therapist of sorts.

“Hermione, is hugging Cho just because a little too weird?”

“Yes, Harry. Tell her you are sorry about Cedric and then hug her.”

“Hermione, Padma Patil is really hot. Do you think she’ll give me a lap dance?”

“NO, Ron. I don’t think so, for the hundredth time. Stop asking me that.”

So that’s me, basically, destined to be boys’ best friend, someone to discuss their girl problems with. Never mind that I have been dropping hints like mad to Harry, he is too busy mooning over Blaise…squicky.

So I tell Ginny my problems, but as soon as she finds out Harry did like her in the beginning of sixth year, she almost goes into cardiac arrest. So I go to someone else. But there is no one else, so I talk to then next best thing…Crookshanks.

“This is getting ridiculous. I must stop liking Harry. Five bloody years…FIVE! This is silly, and HE LIKES OTHER GIRLS! Not you, Hermione, no.”

And then Crookshanks, obviously bored with my speech, jumps off the couch and walks towards the door. My eyes follow him, and settle on…a pair of feet. I look up to face…Harry. Perfect. I wonder how much he heard?

“I, uh, I, er, I…I need to go.” He stammers and then leaves. Which means that he’s heard my entire rant…to my cat. Bloody perfect.

This is the beginning of Awkward Moments. Harry avoids me, and I blush scarlet every time I see him. Until one day, it happens. Harry Potter, defeater of evil from age one to age sixteen, makes the bravest decision of a lifetime. He starts talking to me.

“Uh, Hermione,” he says, hoping he wasn’t interrupting my fifth time reading Hogwarts, A History, “I need some advice. Y’see, there is this girl…”

“I see. Go on.”

“And I think that she likes me, and I know I like her. But I am not sure. What should I do?”

Obviously, he didn’t understand this advice when I gave to him for Cho, Ginny and Blaise (ick).

“Here’s a new approach, Harry. Go up to this girl and snog her brains out. If she doesn’t slap you, she has a thing for you.” I say impatiently, while chanting, “someday my prince will come” in my head.

Harry looks thoughtful. “Ok.” he says tentatively. He leans across the table, and…is that his mouth…on mine? Oh Lord is he a good kisser. I’ll have to thank Blaise I suppose.

He pulls away, green eyes looking intently into mine. I take a deep breath and quietly say, “Well, it took you long enough.”

He laughs softly and I lean in for another kiss. Oh goodness, I’ll really have to thank Blaise for teaching him that.

I guess my prince has come.

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