A watered drop glides silently down the glass case

that separates my soul from the world I am thrusted.

Trapped with a heavied heart,

I watch the tiny tears fall from the silvered sky.

Like it somehow knows the sorrows I keep hidden,

crying for me…

Bearing my burdens.

As I have not the strength to shoulder them myself.

I haven’t the courage to weep alone,

to let my nightmares mix with my tears.

Because without her, I am like a souless sheath forever lost.

For the sorrows I keep

are shallowly buried beneath the mark etched into my skin

from a past I am eagerly dreading to know…

The past I fleetingly recall;

and all I know is that a maternal protection

saved me from the hungry hand of Death’s desire.

Only to have me wanting its dreaded sleep,

to escape the miserable trap in which I am now caged.

My universe is bursting with these terrible thoughts.

And a night, a night of infinite blackness surrounds my depths…

edging ever slowly forward to my madness.

Yes, I can see the night pressing apon me…it’s weight crushing … it is waiting;

hungry to engulf me into its belly.

I turn my eyes away from the silent tears,

and all I want to do now is to scream…

To scream a shattering breath that will break the glass that bounders me.

For I want to tell this magical earth on which my tragic feet tread on to bury within it the pain I feel…

to vanquish the sorrows I keep…

to let them disappear like a simple spell I have conquered.

But it will never be.

It will never be so…

I am a tragic hero,

destined for a haunted heart.

And perhaps it is for the greater good…

but I do not yet know.

As those I dearly trust guard me fiercely with their eyes.

Protect me from the answers I yearn for –

the truth in the hearts of a chosen few

like my sorrows remain in my heart.

I feel as though all the struggles in my past and of my present

is of my own doing.

The torture is unbearable brought on by dark memories.

I am trapped in a cycle of nightmares that never cease …

and the tide of fear is rising, in me and in many.

And soon death will once again be victorious.

Already, few have been taken… like the blood of my rival,

innocently stained on my hands.

for it should have been me alone to face my demons…

but who was I to know the future.

It still haunts me,

in consciousness and in dreamy boundaries.

I am only a child so deprived,

wondering when his next step will be his last.

When will it ever end?

When will it?

Until that needed light warms me…

the darkness creeps forward.

As my eyes wonder maddeningly over every inch of the silvered sky.

I realise I need a person,

a soul to tell me all will be right,

For a girl with hair like that of a ferrelled child

to rest her head against mine and whisper three tiny words.

I…love… you.

And only then will one little sorrow,

deep in my heart disappear into the troubled air around me…

like sorcery.

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