Star Crossed Hearts

Sandry’s eyes filled and spilled over. “Thank you,” she said. “I couldn’t ask for better friends.”

~Circle of Magic: Sandry’s Book by Tamora Pierce

*Harry’s POV*

I don’t know how it happened. It was just a normal day… well, night. Hermione and I were going to the Astronomy Tower to do the things students are notorious for doing there. Much to our surprise, we found an old grandfather clock in the normally empty room.

“That wasn’t there before,” Hermione noted. She crossed the room to inspect it, and I followed after her. The first thing we noticed was that the clock was old. It was made of rosewood, studded with brass and silver trinkets. And that’s when I noticed an oddity – despite the aged appearance of the rosewood, the metal inside looked brand new. Hermione frowned and said the same thing.

We chose to ignore the clock in favour of returning to more …uh, private activities, when Hermione yelped. She reached her wand out to the clock and her hand went through it. Wide eyed, we stared at each other.

“Um, we should leave it alone…” Hermione said, but her hand was stuck. “Ow!”

Suddenly we could hear approaching footsteps. Panicking, I stumbled forward and accidentally bumped into Hermione. She fell, taking me with her, and we found ourselves disappearing into the clock.

*Hermione’s POV*

It wasn’t that we’d disappeared inside the clock, as much as passing through it, like a doorway. On the other side, we found ourselves in an empty library. Daylight filtered in through large windows, and we could hear birds chirping outside in the summery weather. I gasped, “Where in the world are we?!”

“That’s a good question,” a woman’s voice said, “But a better question would be: ‘who in the world are you?’”

“We’re safe,” Ragweed replied. “For a while.”

~Ragweed by Avi

*Hermione’s POV*

At the sound of the woman’s voice, we whirled around and found ourselves facing a woman we’d never seen before. She had a stern look on her face but she was absolutely beautiful! She wore a dark blue tunic and her skin was fair. She had long, dark brown hair and her eyes were a piercing blue, that seemed to probe our souls… who was she though?

Harry voiced both our thoughts. “Who are you?”

The woman raised a fine eyebrow, “What? Folk from the future don’t recognise Lady Ravenclaw when they see her?”

I gulped The Rowena Ravenclaw? We were in the past? But how could that be?

“How do you know we were from the future?” I asked nervously.

She closed her eyes and replied, “Hmm … that’s Salazar and Godric’s fault, I’m afraid. Drat those two… trying to get a student from a thousand years in the future so they could see if our school lasts… it does, doesn’t it?”

I nodded slowly. I just couldn’t believe this was happening.

*Harry’s POV*

I could see Hermione’s worried expression. Why did this have to happen today? Why not tomorrow? Next year? Never!? It was the second time Hermione and I had gone to the Astronomy Tower too. Awful coincidences.

The woman in front of us folded her arms and ordered, “Come with me then. I’ll have to break the news to Helga and the boys.”

I asked, “Aren’t they over eighteen?”

The woman smirked. “Of course, but they hardly act like it.”

Hermione giggled.” I know the feeling!”

I frowned at her. “Ron and I aren’t that bad!”

We followed Lady Ravenclaw through the winding halls and dreary passages. It wasn’t that much different from our Hogwarts. Odd, how long could anyone keep it exactly the same? Lady Ravenclaw stopped outside two familiar gargoyle statues. The Headmaster’s office…

“We’ll see each other again,” Harry smiled, determinedly.

Hermione turned away, “Oh I don’t-”

“I wasn’t asking. I was stating.”

~Oblivious to the Facts by Kaori Lily Marie Otome XIV

*Harry’s POV*

I looked up at Lady Ravenclaw’s face. Her expression was sad, and I found myself wondering what could be wrong. “Dragon heartstrings,” She said and the gargoyles sprang to life, clearing a path to the office beyond. Hermione was looking curiously at our guide.

*Hermione’s POV*

Lady Ravenclaw led us past the gargoyles to an elegant room. It wasn’t filled with portraits of old headmasters; on the contrary, it looked quite new. The other three founders were within the room; looking bewildered.

There was the sweet Hufflepuff — Lady Helga Hufflepuff. She was short, with a pretty face, golden brown hair, and warm black eyes that reminded me of Hagrid. Beside her stood the notorious Salazar Slytherin. He looked older than the rest. His dark black hair was starting to grey and his eyes were remarkably green, though they were nothing like Harry’s warm, caring eyes.

Then there was Godric.

He looked a lot like Harry, to tell the truth, though much burlier. He had beautiful eyes, a liquid golden amber with Harry’s kindness in them. He had Harry’s messy hair. I found myself wondering if it could be true that Harry was Gyffindor’s heir. The resemblance between the two was undeniable. I felt dazed – I couldn’t believe I was actually meeting the founders of Hogwarts! The Hogwarts Four, no less. It was all too… odd.

*Harry’s POV*

I could feel my face contort as I spotted Slytherin. I would have glowered if I didn’t know better. From this man would come the heir who would terrorize my world and murder my family. I hated this man and I didn’t even know him. And yet, here I was, face to face with him.

“Well,” Ravenclaw said at last. “It seems your little plot to retrieve students from the future has worked. What year are you from?”

“1996, ma’am,” Hermione answered nervously.

Slytherin jumped to his feet, “Ha, Godric! I told you, yet you had your doubts.”

Gyffindor just folded his arms, “We still don’t know how to get them back.”

Hermione gasped, “Oh no! We have a potions test tomorrow!”

Hufflepuff looked at her. “But… it’s summer.”

“It was January 1996 when we left, Prof–ma’am,” I stuttered.

Godric rolled his eyes, “Salazar, you damn fool. You didn’t even set the time right.”

Slytherin glared at him, “That was you. Not me.”

Ravenclaw rolled her eyes. “Oh do shut up.”

Hermione was panicking, “But how will we get back?” she kept asking herself.

“Hermione,” I said, putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder. I hated to see her like this, “We’ll get back. Somehow.”

*Hermione’s POV*

“Hermione,” he said kindly. I loved Harry’s kindness. “We’ll get back. Somehow.”

I nodded my head slowly. I wanted to go home. I didn’t want to be stuck in the past, with all its repercussions. What if something we said or did changed the future? “How can you so wilfully meddle with the present … with the future?” I demanded.

Slytherin looked at me sternly, “It’s not going to make a difference you know.”

Helga gave Slytherin a strict look. “The girl’s worried, can’t you see? Have a heart Salazar.”

“She’s born from non-magical folk. I can tell.”

I glared. That was just so like a Slytherin. Or should I say, just like the  Salazar Slytherin?

Taking a seat, Ravenclaw fixed Harry and I with a stern look. “Whose house are you each in?”

“Gyffindor,” Harry said with much dignity.

Godric Gyffindor smiled. We were going to be here for a while. Might as well make the best of it.

Adriane ran after the boy. The time had come for secrets to be revealed.

~Avalon: the Cry of the Wolf by Rachel Roberts.

Rowena led Harry and Hermione to a portrait. It was of an even burlier man than Godric. He smiled politely at Rowena and bowed.

“Now Milady, who are these children? I believe school doesn’t begin until September…”

“Quite right, Godfrey,” Rowena said patronizingly. “These children are here to stay for a bit.”

Harry was becoming irritated with being referred to as a child. “We’re sixteen, we’re not children.”

Hermione nodded meekly, “Indeed. We’re teenagers.”

“Teen … agers?” Godfrey said slowly..

“Never mind Godfrey,” Rowena ignored, “These two–”

“Harry and Hermione,” Harry interrupted. Rowena raised an eyebrow then rolled her eyes.

“Harry and Hermione need to stay in the Gyffindor Dormitory.”

Godfrey shrugged and his portrait swung open.

“He’s Godric’s brother,” Rowena said. Hermione noticed a slight blush covering Rowena’s cheeks. “He died when Godric was… well, what do you call them? A teenager?”

Hermione giggled, “That’s right. But sad though…. how did he die? Godfrey I mean?”

Rowena sighed heavily, “Godric doesn’t like to hear of it but Godfrey was his role model… poor dear. Godfrey died protecting Godric when they were younger… Non-magical folk, you understand, are not fond of us… generally I’m against knowing the future, but… does it get better?”

Harry nodded, “Somewhat… we still hide from them, and there’s those who still hate us — like my aunt and uncle,” Rowena gave him a questioning look, “My mother was a Muggle-born. That’s what we call non-magic people, Muggles. Anyway, sometimes Muggles marry wizards or witches… some actually understand.”

Rowena smiled, “That’s so good to hear… my own mother, my father’s wife that is, hated me… my real mother was a witch…well, it’s too long to explain. Now, I am afraid we still need to add extra dormitories.” Harry realized that they weren’t any stairs leading up to separate dormitories and there was just a bed and a lot of chairs. “Unless you two want to share a bed together, one of you can sleep on the floor?”

Hermione blushed, “Oh no! Of course not! We’ll just–I’ll just take the floor…”

“No, I will,” Harry said. “Ladies should always get the bed.” Hermione would have kissed him if Rowena had not been present.

Rowena grinned, “Such a gentleman. Well, I’m glad that you didn’t arrive when school was in session.” She sighed miserably, “Spacing problems..” she gave a weak smiled and Hermione noted that she was clutching something on her chest. A necklace perhaps?

“I’ll see you chil–teenagers tomorrow then?” she had a much stronger grin this time.

The duo nodded and went to their respective sleeping quarters for the night.

*Hermione’s POV*

Harry and I hadn’t said anything to each other. I was simply glad he was there with me.. I couldn’t stand being there without him, even if the Hogwarts Four, minus Salazar, seemed nice. We went down to breakfast holding hands. It felt almost like we were just going for a stroll around Hogsmeade then… just Harry and I. No one else mattered.

*Harry’s POV*

I admit I was upset when I found out we wouldn’t be able to go home… but I was joyous that Hermione was there. Breakfast was going to be fun, eating with  a man that we suspected was an ancestor of mine. I was becoming suspicious about something though. Rowena blushed whenever she mentioned Godric. Hermione had been quick to point this out to me, suggesting that perhaps something was going on between the pair.

My grandmother gave me a long and severe look. “Nobody has ever seen the Devil,” she said, “but we know he exists.”

~ The Witches by Roald Dahl

*Hermione’s POV*

As we wandered the familiar passages, we felt ourselves feeling homesick. Reminiscing was becoming painful. It had only been one day. Despite everything, I found myself worrying about my grades.

“Hermione, are you okay?” Harry asked me, looking concerned.

I nodded, “Just worried about my grades.” He sighed, relieved that that was all. He was so nice… that’s what I love about him.

*Harry’s POV*

I was glad Hermione was not so worried about being stuck there… I didn’t want her to worrying overly. She does that too much already. Reaching the Great Hall, it occurred to me that there wouldn’t be the usual crowd of students milling about inside. The hall itself looked largely the same as I remembered it, but the Founders asked us to eat at the High Table. Hermione was excited, and told me she had wanted to be a teacher since she was young, and that being a professor at Hogwarts would be an honour. I had to admit, it would be interesting, though I wouldn’t look forward to working with Snape.

*Hermione’s POV*

It was a quiet breakfast, which we found unusual, being accustomed to the noisy breakfasts of Hogwarts in the future. Slytherin seemed to be doing his most to give us the creeps, and I found myself relieved that I didn’t have to sit with him. Helga and Rowena were both very friendly. Godric… He’s so much like Harry.

“So…” Godric said, breaking the silence. “What year are you two in?”

“Sixth,” I replied.

“Ah… do you like Hogwarts much?”

Harry nodded, “It’s home.”

I smiled. I knew Harry thought of Hogwarts as home, at least more so Privet Drive.

I noticed what Rowena was holding fondly the night before. There it was, a pendant, a glass rose.

“Oh that’s a beautiful pendant, Lady Ravenclaw!”

Rowena blushed and her hand went to it again, protectively. Helga grinned, “Oh that? Yes, we know, Godric gave it to her… Rowena loves the thing.” If it was possible, Rowena turned a deeper shade of pink. The other two founders had different reactions. Salazar scowled slightly and Godric had a tinge of pink himself. Helga in turn frowned at Salazar..

A love square.. and I bet they don’t even see it..

There was a loud thunk beside me. Harry’s goblet felt and he said.

“What if we just went through the clock again?”

Helga stared. “But… Salazar and Godric said that it only worked one-way… they’re still perfecting it.”

I thought for a second, “But in our time… they could’ve already.. it’s possible, isn’t it?”

“It is,” Godric said. “But if not… you could be sent to another time… another place.”

“I doubt it’ll work at all,” Salazar said coldly.

“It’s worth a try, isn’t it?” Harry persisted. I smiled, knowing what it must be costing Harry to act civilly to Salazar. Reluctantly, Salazar agreed.

“You’re going to be fine,” Hermione told him, though she looked positively terrified.

~ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

Hermione looked at the clock in dismay. She touched it yet her hand did not go through, and she moaned forlornly.

“A spell? An enchantment?” Harry suggested hopefully.

The Hogwarts Four looked to be in deep thought. Rowena raised an eyebrow, “What did you two do anyway?” she was referring to Godric and Salazar.

“A potion,” Salazar answered at the same time as Godric said, “A charm.”

Helga frowned, “You two used a combination?”

Salazar and Godric frowned at each other, “Unfortunately.”

Harry looked at the clock thoughtfully. He noticed the clock hands had stopped. “Wait a minute,” he said, “The clock’s stopped.”

Salazar and Godric glanced back at it.

“Now that was working before,” Godric said.

“Not when I picked up Harry and Hermione,” Rowena commented. Hermione gasped.

“That’s it!” Helga smiled. She approached the clock and turned to hands. “What time where you transported here?”

“Close to midnight?” Harry meekly answered. Hermione blushed. The two women looked at them suspiciously and then shooed whatever they were thinking away.

The clock started to tick and Hermione once again carefully tested if it was working. Her hand went through.

“It works!” she gladly announced.

Harry smiled and put a hand on her should again. “We’re going home,” he whispered.

Helga and Rowena hugged Hermione and Harry, told them to be careful. Godric shook their hands while Salazar just gave them a rueful look.

The duo went into the grandfather clock happily. Yet their adventure wasn’t over.

Ari stopped. Stared. And a cold, cold wind blew over her heart. What was this? What was this!

More than a village lay ahead.

She took one step forward. Then another.

~ Unicorns of Balinor: the Road to Balinor by Mary Stanton

When Hermione and Harry stepped out they were in a dark room. But this wasn’t the Astronomy Tower. They found themselves in the dark of the girls’ dormitory. No clock was behind them and all was deserted. Outside, there was a fiery light shining through the windows… What on earth was going on? When were they?!

Harry turned to look at Hermione. He could see the out line of her horrified face.

She stuttered, “We-we-we’re n-not h-h-ho-home!”

Harry bit his lip. “We’ll find a way.”

Hermione was close to crying and Harry couldn’t stand to see her that way. He was about to kiss her when two people came bursting into the room. One was a teenager, the other was Rowena. Yet she was different. She was older… more defined… yet she looked absolutely terrified— more so than Hermione.

Rowena shouted at them, “What are you all doing here?! I thought Sarah was the only one left behind!” Sarah looked barely thirteen years old, and she was panting heavily. Her face was flushed deeply and she was coughing between her panting. She looked ill…

“Don’t you remember us?” Harry asked. “You had us in the summer? Harry and Hermione?”

Rowena just said, “We never had children over any summer.” she raised an eyebrow suspiciously at them.

Hermione and Harry looked at each other. “No way!”

Sarah asked, “Will everything be all right?”

Rowena hugged her tightly, “Everything will be all right.”

Hermione breathed, “What’s going on?”

Rowena blinked at her, “The castle’s under attack…”

Then they heard it… a chanting…prejudice in the air… hatred…”Burn the witches! The wizards! Devil dealers! BURN!” Sarah started to cry.. Hermione stared at the windows, tormented.

“Oh my God…” she gasped. She clamped her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming…

Rowena grabbed both their wrists. “Listen, we must get to the secret passages… this is the time to do it…We have to be careful…”

The three nodded and made their way slowly out of the common room. There wasn’t anyone there… but there was outside…

Sarah whimpered behind Rowena as a man that looked like one of those villagers passed the portrait… Harry let out a sigh of relief and Hermione clung to his arm.

Rowena nodded, “Let’s go..”

They made their way carefully downstairs to the Great Hall. There was a lot of people there; non-magical people. Rowena threw a cloak over them, and with a feeling of mild relief, Harry realised it was an invisibility cloak. They slowly travelled the length of the hall, avoiding people who were burning items in a huge fire in the middle of the Great Hall. Hermione watched wide-eyed in horror as she saw the grandfather clock being thrown in. Harry squeezed her hand tightly.

They were behind the High Table and Harry recalled the room behind it… Sarah sobbed, whispering, “My Anie… they have my Anie.. Mummy gave me my Anie before she died… My Anie..” Hermione looked into the crowd and the burnings. There was a woman holding what looked like a small plush doll…

Rowena slowly opened the door and went into the room unnoticed. Hermione and Harry followed. Then… as Sarah was just looking back one more time she closed the door and ran for her doll. Rowena gasped and tried to go back for her but she knew it was too late. Harry looked into the darkness of the room.. Every child in the school was there… and the Founders. Helga came over to Rowena.

“What happened?”

“I.. I.. I don’t know…”

“Her doll,” Hermione said sadly, “She went back for it..”

Harry hugged her tightly and everyone heard Sarah’s piercing scream over the chanting… “No!!!!!! Let go! MY ANIE!!!!! MAMA!!!”

Rowena sank to the ground. Many were solemn, including Salazar and Godric. Helga went to comfort some others who were openly crying.. She was holding back her own tears. Hermione sobbed into Harry shoulder and they both closed their eyes. The last thing they heard was someone asking, “ Lady Ravenclaw where’s your pendant?”

All was dark when Harry and Hermione opened their eyes again, and once more  they found themselves in the Astronomy Tower. The clock was gone, and the sound of approaching footsteps echoed off the walls. It was Fred and Angelina… “Hey, what are you guys doing here…hugging? This is a snogging place, you know.”

Hermione blushed.. “Er… yeah… we’ll be leaving now.” She and Harry left abruptly.

“That was scary,” she told Harry. He nodded, unable to talk. “What do you think happened?”

“She was burned to death… Sarah.” Harry said.

Hermione sniffed, “I know… but what about Rowena’s pendant?”

Harry blinked, “What about it?”

Hermione replied, “She lost it. Maybe in the girls’ dormitory?”

Harry raised an eyebrow. “And?”

“What if it’s still there?”

“What good will that do?”

“I don’t know… but there’s something significant about it, and I have to find out.”

They reached the Gyffindor Common Room after giving the Fat Lady the password.

“Okay. Tell me if you find it.” Harry said.

Hermione nodded and quietly made her way to the dormitory. There was something about that pendant all right, and she had to know.

I noticed what Rowena was holding fondly the night before. There it was, a pendant, a glass rose.

~Star-Crossed Hearts by Kaori Lily Marie Otome XIV

*Hermione’s POV*

It seemed like it never happened; yet my weariness was proof of what I’d been through. Emotionally I felt drained by the knowledge that I would probably never know what had become of the Founders that night.

And what about the pendant? It kept coming back to my mind, but why? I didn’t want to think of any of it anymore, especially not Sarah. What they had done to her was beyond cruel.

The glass rose… what did it mean? How had anyone perfected a glass to the shape of a rose? It must have been magic. As I rose to get dressed I tripped on a loose floorboard. Curious, I inspected it closer and saw a tiny sparkle inside. Everyone else was asleep. They didn’t like to wake up early. Of course they didn’t – normally I slept in too.

I cracked the floorboard open, and there it was – the rose pendant! It didn’t look any older than when I’d last seen it. I picked it up. Then something startling happened.

From the very core of the tiny rose sprung a liquid… blood? It looked like it. Oddly enough, I wasn’t terrified… I didn’t drop it. When the rose was filled it glowed and rose into the air slightly, blooming as if it were real. Looking inside I saw a light shining up. I looked up at that light. A figure appeared, like a hologram – it was Rowena.

“Lily?” Her voice sounded like a soft haunting echo.

I gasped and the small rose fell. I expected to hear a small shatter that would wake my roommates. But it fell slowly; barely touching the floor then rose up just a few inches off the floor.

“You are not Lily,” Rowena said. I looked at her eyes. She wasn’t even looking at me, as if she was in a dream, “Lily promised to free me, once she found true love. Where is she?”

“Lily?” I asked, “As in Lily Potter?”

Rowena shook her head, “No. Lily Evans. Did you say Potter? Oh! That’s the one that Lily thought was her match. They didn’t divorce, did they?”

I shook my head. She knew Harry’s mother? Why did she sound, like Sarah, innocent?

“But then, why didn’t Lily free me? She promised…” Rowena suddenly looked forlorn.

I replied solemnly, “Lily and James have been dead for fifteen years.”

Rowena finally stared at me. “Oh no! But it’s not even her time… she shouldn’t have died until…” her voiced faltered.

I looked down. There was a long silence. I could hear either Lavender or Parvati lightly snoring.

“Can you free me?” Rowena finally said, breaking the silence. I looked up at her.

“What can I do? And what happened? With you four?”

She sighed as if remembering a wonderful memory from the day before. She started to speak.


*Rowena’s Story*

I’m not sure if you want to hear the entire story. I do tire of replaying the memories of when I was a child. I just remember being unhappy. I’ve blocked it all out now, everything and everyone.

I’d met Godric before, but I didn’t find that out until later in life. I wasn’t a fast friend with Helga. I admit I was first attracted to Salazar; not for his dashing good looks, because Godric was dashing too, but for his intelligence. That faded fairly quickly when he became tyrannical–in his subtle way of course.

Godric was our leader. He was, without a doubt, born to lead. Salazar was reluctant still. They had no fondness for each other. They constantly fought gruelling arguments. Helga and I had no idea what their grudge was about. They were so persistent with every little thing. It annoyed us both greatly.

Finding common feelings, Helga and I finally became friends. Our friendship was quite legendary… because we were great friends. No a lot of folks know that she and I weren’t friends at first. In fact, Salazar was warmer towards me.

That was because he was in love with me. So was Godric. It wasn’t apparent, at least not at first. They gave me small gifts, favours. My most treasured one was the one gift Godric gave me – my necklace with the rose pendant. Godric did not believe in giving presents to earn a girls heart. This wasn’t to earn my heart – it was a promise. We had a little argument of our own you see, one that wouldn’t really be appropriate for you to hear. But he did love me. I’d known that ever since I first looked into his beautiful golden eyes.

That winter solstice we gave me the necklace. Glass was expensive, but he had the pendant made out of glass, and shaped perfectly into a rose. With the help of magic? I do not know.

After the siege, the non-magical burned items and a student, Sarah Anne… she was so innocent, a pure child. She was left asleep in the Gyffindor Tower. I went back for her but not without protests from Helga, Godric, and Salazar. I got her but she was emotionally pained. I didn’t even notice that my pendant had fallen off, and I never saw it again while I was alive. I had her in the Great Hall when she saw a precious doll of hers, given from her mother before she died, being thrown in the fire.

She screamed for it, and ran. The non-magicals captured and threw her into the flames just like any of the objects.

Salazar was in a horrible rage. He had his own dark past with non-magicals, but this was the last straw. He proposed to ban what you call now Muggle-borns. Godric straight out refused. Helga and I were with him on this one. Salazar had had it. He left.

The night before he begged me, and he never begged, for me to come with him… to go away from Hogwarts… forever. I told him I’d never leave Hogwarts and to get that idea out of his head. The next morning he was gone.

Godric comforted me. I had felt it was my fault that he left, but both Godric and Helga knew it wasn’t. They were the greatest friends I could have, maybe like your friends, whoever they may be.

Out of respect, Godric never touched me without my permission. I won’t hide it though. He and I made love. Once. One cold, lonely night… but I guess that it was never meant to be because he and I drifted apart.

Us three, and Salazar too I guess, were very old by the time we gave up teaching ourselves, but we still lived in Hogwarts. We couldn’t leave it unlike Salazar.

I died in my sleep, tormented. Godric was distraught… poor Godric. My soul was trapped in darkness for about a millennium. Then there was a light and a child, a child much like Sarah in her purity. Lily Evans. When she found me, she was deeply in love with one James Potter. She promised she would free me once she had a true family. But she never came and I was left in the darkness for the longest of times once more.

I do not know how on earth does that pendant of mine works, but it traps my soul. I knew Godric couldn’t have done it. He didn’t want me to be torn, he couldn’t have known. His soul is free and I seek him still. I do not know if we are just condemned by some ill-fated curse but we had no luck in the past. We were hoping, secretly, that we would fare better in eternity. That hope was ruined.

I do not know how to get free… but I want to… I need to…

I need to be with him. My true love… my Godric… my star-crossed lover..


*Hermione’s POV*

I held my breath until the end. I didn’t dare interrupt her tale. It seemed like I would ruin a masterpiece. Then when it was all done, I was free to breathe, and finally let it all sink in.

True-blue Rowena Ravenclaw, trapped and tormented in a pendant that she truly loved?

I asked, “So, you don’t know how you’ll get free? What am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t know,” Rowena said sadly. “I just want to be with him again, and maybe see Helga. I miss her too.”

I nodded. I could understand what she was feeling.

“Do you really love him?” I asked.

“I could never love anyone else…”

I closed my eyes, “Did he really love you?”

“That’s what he said. That’s what was in his heart,” Rowena sounded doubly saddened.

“Then that’s what you need to first realize… then you’ll be free…”

“What?” I opened my eyes and saw her blink in confusion.

“You just need a little help…” Hermione whispered. She grabbed the pendant in a burst of emotion and Rowena’s figure disappeared as she threw it to the hard floor and shattered. It was louder than she expected and her roommates started to stir.

A wispy figure let out a releasing a breath of extreme relief. I smiled. She was finally free.

But some thoughts still floated in my head. Who or what was messing with reality? Rowena did not even mention us. She didn’t even bother with my name. She’d known I’d free her… like she’d been waiting patiently for me to find her. Strange but I dismissed it… just right then.

*Harry’s POV*

I met Hermione at breakfast. I was still haunted by the night before. It was all too strange.

Hermione smiled at me, “Hey.”

I wonder why she was so happy.

“Harry, do you think our hearts are star-crossed?” that was another odd question.

“Er… no?” she frowned at me. “No, of course not. ‘Mione, why would you think that?”

“I’ll tell you later,” she smiled. A secret smile. I wonder what story she’s going to tell now.

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