Sweet eyes

Oh sweet eyes,

sights of your dreams

are full of despair hidden deep within its black tunnels.

Yet they shine like crystal orbs with the light of those you touch,

and warm you with hope long forgotten.


Oh sweet lonely eyes,

you turn away from people’s heartless pities.

Hungry for love that is true… for affection you struggle

with all your strength to remember.

And when nightmares reign, and darkness spreads and parental yearnings would never cease.

You look beyond where stars lie and wish for a moments peace.


Oh sweet lovely eyes,

the mirrors of your tortured soul,

don a colour that many, like I lust.

For a drop of its pure essence would make magic spark.


Oh sweet seductive eyes.

No need for a charm cast by a wooden stick,

your eyes always seem to do the trick.

Its natural elegance speaks your innocence which those near passionately protect.


Oh sweet eyes,

flawed beyond what others see.

Beauty is only skin deep.

Glass windows case them.

More precious than a coloured canvas.

For they were a gift from mother’s blood.

The only emblem of maternal love you can remember her by.

Other than her protective touch she provided, that dark night, where spirits cry.


Oh sweet, turbulent eyes,

growing wise.

They closet your hidden talents,

but they are the visions of a life some wish to demise for their own ambitious powers.


Oh sweet, wounded eyes.

I know you are becoming stronger as the years pass by,

facing every challenge that clout your way.

To some they seem like glorious adventures,

but to your eyes they are none other than tormenting nightmares

which repeat in vicious cycles.


Oh sweet, famous green eyes.

Colour of envy some close to you suffer.

Oh how you wish to express truth to a brother’s ignorance,

that the happy moments that appeared in your life happened before death striked twice.

And all you are most fearful of, other then eternal sleep.

Is the lose of a friendship you long to forever keep.


Oh sweet, downtrodden eyes

your Humanity can be felt by a moments touch.

The warmth of you suffered heart

trickles tears in my soul.

But your green circles of eternal light harbour Anger

at peoples blind chatter.

I feared those times when truth could not break persecution against you.

I thought you would slip away from my embrace,

forever torn by your innocent mistakes,

and always hoping that man would understand you.

Yet, to no avail they did not.

Nevertheless… I do … I comprehend the beauty that is you..


Sweet, sparkling orbs,

bright stars to my soul.

Open your lids, don’t let blindness from the years of heartache

steal you away from me.


Oh sweet, heartbreaking eyes,

I, Hermione Granger, imply.

Just let yourself open up to me.

And, only then will our souls forever intertwine,

because with me… your peace will be found.


Oh sweet, sweet courageous eyes.

My prince,

my knight,

my hero in gold and red.

Know this and now, if only you open your eyes to me,

you will see… I am your true love, eternally.

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