Sweet Pretenses

The music pulsed sensually and darkly around her.

She danced by herself, and at the same time with everyone else out on the
dance floor.

All patrons reveling in the freedom that came with this place.

She knew not what this place was, but she could feel the safety, the
sanctuary of the place.

But there was always the underlying danger.

It was the danger that really attracted her.

It attracted everyone here.

Everyone who had been touched in the same way, either by being a creature
from the dark, or contact with one.

She raised her arms above her head, feeling her hair tumbling down in
ringlets around her shoulders.

She felt a pair of arms slide around her waist, and she leaned backwards.

“You came,” She murmured to the man who was oh so familiar to her, his hair
looked dark in the dim lighting.

“I will always come,” He murmured in her ear.

It was a game they played, they both knew who each other was, but used no

It would be somehow less acceptable if they used names.

He kissed a line of fire down her collarbone, and she sighed leaning right
back against him.

They were allowed to go quite far on the dance floor in this club.

_Anything_ was allowed, short of ripping off your partner’s clothes.

There were always rooms upstairs for that anyway.

She turned in his grasp and kissed him on the lips, both of them feeling it
with every inch of their beings.

The music had no words, only emotions that spread out and caught every single
dancer on the floor.

No one would be going home alone tonight.

Actually, no one would be going home.

He broke the kiss for a moment, staring into her eyes, with his emotions
staring out of them for once.

For once he had not bottled away his emotions like liquid that ran through
his veins.

Consuming him.

Liquid fire.

She leaned backwards, her hands barely supporting her around his neck, and
they swayed like that for a few seconds.

Just feeling the need to leave the shells that society made for them, in the

Realizing, by day they would have to fade away to their normal existence’s,
only to be resumed when the night fell, when next they would come to the

It was exclusive, and only the best could get in.

She’d woken up one night after _that_ day, and told her parents she was going
out. She’d known exactly where to go without being told.

She’d arrived to find her name on the list.

And then she’d found HIM.

So they played their games.

Her dance with darkness.

His fling in the light.

And enjoyed each others company.

She ran her fingers through the silky locks of his mane, realizing, with some
surprise that she loved him.

Like he loved her.

Like he had always loved her.

Then she tilted her face up for another kiss from her lover.

Because he _was_ her _ lover _ sometimes in more ways than one.

They had realized after they had met the second time, that they could be many
things to each other.

But they would never be friends.

They both had lives outside of each other, even though they loved each other.

And it was only here, in the darkness, that they were truly able to do
whatever took their fancy.

Her lips curled into a smile, oh yes they’d learnt _that_ quickly.

Anything goes in the club.

She didn’t even know the name of the club.

If it had one anyway.

If anyone knew it.

She gasped as his hand brushed her breast.

Oh, so it was getting late was it?

“Maybe we should find a room?” He asked, she knew his mouth was curving into
that delightfully wicked grin.

His hand still playing, under her shirt, so her breath was a bit ragged.

“Yes… lets.”

They led each other up the now familiar spiral staircase that led upstairs to
_their_ room.

It was actually theirs – no one else was allowed to use it.

It was still dark, with only the moonlight seeping in through the open
shutters lighting the room.

They peeled of each others clothes, then lay back on the bed to begin the age
long dance of completion.

Later after she had fallen asleep, he lay propped up on one elbow, watching
her and stroking her beautiful dark hair, and thinking how peaceful she

He took her in his arms, and she shifted in her sleep, resting her head upon
his chest, and snuggling into it.

He wrapped his arms around her, and realized in the three years they had been
meeting for their weekly trysts, he had never once said he loved her.

She stirred and he kissed her on the forehead, and told her to go back to

Smiling slightly she complied.

Why make life more difficult than it already was?

They had their own separate lives to lead.

Neither needed or really wanted the interference of the other in their life.

Not at the moment anyway.

Neither of them had said they loved each other.

But they knew it.

It was implicit in their relationship. Words were not needed.

It was enough, but not for forever.

But for now, they were nameless lonely people.

Finding solace in each other.

It was enough to pretend.

They were happy.

But one day, both their dreams would come true.

**Drown in me
One more time

Hide inside
Me tonight

Do what you
Want to do

Just pretend
Happy end

Let me know
Let it show

Ending with
Letting go

Ending with
Letting go

Ending with
Letting go

Let’s pretend
Happy end**

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