Teriko’s Birthday

Teriko feels something bathed in her face. When the brown hedgehog does not react, she feels the resistance disappears briefly and then with a little more startup pops back on her face.
“Aua …!”, Teriko muttered completely sleepy to indicate that the one who is to annoy her with her doing is to stop.
The paw disappears from her face and shortly afterwards she feels some crunchy round sitting on her belly. The teenager nods again a little deeper.
“Chu ~ hu ~ !!!” she complains impatiently on her stomach, jumping on Teriko.
Teriko asks what is going on.
“I’m awake,” the girl croaks, trying to catch air again.
“Can not even go to sleep?” Teriko asks, after she gets up, something annoyed.
“Chu!” You answer her white Chao Bubbles, shaking her head briefly. Then she grins at her cheeks.
“Just for the info: Today I have birthday, not you, so do not even try to get me a treat from the cross,” explains the teenager of her little companion.
Immediately, the Chao smiles the hedgehog only cheeky and joyful.
Teriko shakes his head, smiling, before she gets up and gets dressed.
Teriko is a brown hedgehog with fine eyes, which has a black stripe on each side of her head, and on each side of her arms and legs. Their spines fall backwards in a slight arc, which makes them look a little like a boy. On this day, she wears a purple t-shirt with a black cat head embroidered on the left lower edge. For this she wears a blue three-quarter trousers, which each have a rather thick and deep pocket on the side of the leg. Her white socks hide in dark blue shoes, which have a red bow pattern and white soles. On her left wrist, Teriko wears a gold-yellow bracelet, in which four gemstones are worked in, each with a different color, red, blue, green and purple. Around her neck the girl hangs a silver necklace with an aquab water drop as a pendant.
Bubbles is a white chao with dark blue eyes, whose head is adorned by a blue halo, as a sign of a hero-chao. On her belly she has a purple spot, in the middle of which is a pink spot. Their arms and legs are all light blue with dark blue claws, two each per paw. On its back, the Chao has two white wings, which have a light blue bottom edge.
As she finished, she went to her room door and opened it, only to take a step back in surprise, because her friend Julian was already standing in front of the door.
“Good morning!” Welcomes the moth friendly.
“I should wake you up, but as it seems Bubbles was faster!”
“You should wake me up? Can not even sleep on his birthday? “Teriko complains with a serious seriousness.
“Tristan has morning service and I want to go again, so we wanted to do something with you this morning!” Julian replies with a smile.
“There are also weekends!” Teriko teases her buddy, kicking out of her room beside him.
Bubbles follows her by flailing behind.
Then the three walk down the hall to the living room.
Julian is a moth with red eyes whose body is dark blue. His face is cream colored and his hair is wrapped in a bright red. Its wings are brown with an outer red border. His arms and legs are long, thin, and black. He is wearing red shoes with a white twisted hem. His glove is white with a red twisted hem.
When they reach the living room, Terikos and Bubbles’ look immediately at a large picnic basket, which stands directly on the stub table. Without hesitation, Bubbles raises to him and opens a side.
“Chu, chu chuhu!” She immediately pays that the basket is well filled with all sorts of treats.
“Who’s making a picnic here?” Teriko asked hesitantly.
“Come on,” a voice answers from the kitchen door.
As Teriko turns around, she discovers her friend Tristan.
Tristan is a sand-colored large shed with blue eyes, whose scales are slightly darker than his belly, face and the inside of arms, legs and tail, where he has only a soft coat. He wears white gloves with a metal ring as a hem, as well as yellow shoes with a black semicircle on each side. Metal rings are also attached as a hem.
“We go picnic?” Repeats the teenager surprised.
“Yes, we thought we’d like you very much,” Tristan says cheerfully.
“Is Marian coming too?” Teriko asks, taking her gaze, as she does not see the little ladybug maid anywhere.
“No, unfortunately not! She is supposed to go shopping with her mom this morning, you know how her mom is sometimes. “Tristan declares with an apologizing tone.
“And there is no way to go this afternoon?” The girl inquired, disappointed.
“I have to prepare something for the work! I’m sorry, “Tristan continues to say sadly.
The brown hedgehog pulls a defiant pout. She did not want to do anything with the “half-occupation” of her friends.
“I agree with this suggestion, if you promise me a big party with all together still to reach! And this time you must not press yourself! “Teriko explains firmly.
“Yes, I promise,” Tristan replied hastily.
“Okey agreed! Then let’s go for a picnic! “Teriko says satisfied.
Without losing time Tristan takes the large picnic basket and goes out to the apartment door through the workshop. Teriko, Bubbles and Julian follow him. Teriko looks long after the bright green fox Lunic, but he is not there. It would have been too nice to have him with him, but he had probably already gone to get the spare parts for the radio that he just repaired for someone.
When she leaves the house, she leads Tristan resolutely and without thinking for a long time in the direction of Twinkle Park, where she turns off a side alley before leaving the city via a creep path that runs around the park. They carry their feet over meadows and fields for a good half an hour until they stop at a small tree group in the middle of nowhere. Correctly, the boys spread the brown blanket with the check pattern and cover it with the food brought along. Even if Teriko wanted, she could not have helped because the guys worked so fast that she never had the chance to get something out of the basket.
Bubbles looks at the food brought before she sits sadly on the ceiling.
“What do you have Bubbles? Is not ice cream there? “Teriko asked worried about her little girlfriend.
The Chao sighs sadly.
The brown hedgehog sits down to her chao and takes it on her lap.
“Do not be sad! Tristan has packed other beautiful things! “Teriko begins to speak with a soothing voice:” We have melon pieces, a fresh leaf salad, sandwiches with fresh eggs, chopped or peanut butter. He also packed chocolate with self-squeezed juice or peppermint tea! “While the girl talks she interprets from one treat to another.
But the Chao is not very enthusiastic.
“Seriously?! You just stuffed it because of the little devoured Chao ?! “Julian turns to Tristan after a few moments of silence.
Confused, the Igelin and the Chao look at the Mottenmann.
“Yes, I’ve taken it for Bubbles,” declares the Schuppentier in a solemn tone, before he reaches into the picnic basket and gets a bowl full of popcakes.
Immediately, the eyes begin to glisten the chaos of friends, their mouths go up and their halves are getting longer. The little creature begins to tremble with greed before he takes a step forward and trims the bowl out of his hands. Then she retreats to a “silent place” on the ceiling.
“Um … well, well! Then let us also eat! “Is Teriko’s reaction to the behavior of her little companion.
Said and done!
And even if Teriko wanted to celebrate with all the friends at the same time today, this was at least a good start for a nice day.

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