* – * The First Date * – *

Meredith had an eventful day behind him, one might well say. She had a jerk and wanted to go out with Nathan, she hoped it was the right decision and she would not regret it. She did not know him well enough. Was he really a nice guy or was he like the other guys?

More importantly, it would be serious. It was a date. Nathan would want more, he had already suggested. Maggie did not know about it. She had to tell her soon what was the matter. In addition, Maggie had enough around her ears, since her mother was here again and was suffering from breast cancer and was even here.

Meredith came home from a hard working day. Nathan wanted to pick her up from home at six in the hour. He said that she should be surprised and not forget the date so quickly. Maggie was not there, she was still in the hospital for a long time, because she had a cardiopulmonary transplant that could go until 11pm. Amelia wanted to go to Owen and talk to him. Only Alex was.


+++++ Review of the beginning – today tomorrow +++++


Meredith and Nathan were together in the CT room. Or Meredith came from the inner space to Nathan. “Okay, let’s go,” Meredith said.

Nathan pressed a button and the patient drove into the tube. Nathan stood and crossed her arms. It was quiet. Meredith stood a little farther away. “I heard your daughter was sick,” said Nathan. “Zola do you mean? Yes, she was. Why do you ask? “Meredith asked him.

“Just so,” said Nathan. Meredith raised the eyebrows.

“Just so … how did you know …” Meredith wanted to say. “From Pierce. You were just staying here because she was sick and did not flown to Montana with Avery, “Nathan said.

“Yes, because my children always go. Listen … I do not want to talk to you about my kids, “Meredith said. “How so ? I like children .. I love them, “Nathan said.
“Okay good to know … since I have children,” Meredith said. “What?” Nathan asked.

“No matter … I thought aloud … forget it .. you were the one who started this embarrassing conversation, not me,” Meredith said, giving him a small smile. “Okay,” Nathan said, looking at the computer. Meredith looked at him more closely, she bit her lower lip.

“Ask me if I want to go out with you,” Meredith said. “What?” Nathan asked. “Ask me if I want to go out with you. Ask me for a date, “Meredith said, crossing his arms as he did. “Do you want ? I mean .. do you want to go out with me? “Nathan asked.

“Yes,” Meredith said, smiling. Nathan also smiled. “Where does the meaning change come from?” Nathan asked. “I do not know … I think .. I just think I’m … so far,” Meredith said. “OK. Well read you surprise, you will not forget this date so quickly. “Nathan said and smiled. Meredith must laugh.


+++++ Review of the end +++++


Meredith stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror, she had showered. She looked at herself. Was it really right to go with Nathan today to eat? She sighed. She had a towel tied around her. She took her shaving kit and shaved her legs as Alex entered.

“What are you doing?” He asked. “Can not you knock?” Meredith asked, looking to see if her towel was attached. “Can not you finish? No now tell me, do you have a date? Is Thorbe back up? “Alex asked.

Meredith, who had finished shaving, went out of the bathroom to her room. “No, and that’s none of your business,” Meredith said. “Okay wait … do not say .. you go eat with Riggs?” Said Alex. “And who?” Meredith asked him.

“I do not trust the guy. You do not know him, “Alex said as Meredith stood in front of her wardrobe. “You do not have anything to wear,” he said. “Can you please go outside. Why are you telling me to go out with him? “Meredith asked him.

“Did you ever tell Maggie about you?” Alex asked. “From us? There’s nothing, “Meredith said. Alex raised his eyebrows. “And the date today? Or is it just a meal between friends? “Alex asked. Meredith sighed.

“Oh man ey … do what you want,” he said, walking out as Amelia came home.

Alex came down the stairs and bitched around. Amelia looked at him wonderingly as he went into the kitchen and took a beer from the refrigerator. “Everything okay?” She asked him, putting her bag down. “Does it look like this? What are you doing here already? “Alex asked her and went past her into the living room and dropped onto the sofa and turned on the TV.

“Owen and I have denied ourselves. I … then drove as he started again with the baby theme, “Amelia said. “Why do I ask you to keep it,” Alex said, taking a sip of his beer. Amelia sat next to him.

“Yeah … I do not know how it goes. He said this morning that I should come home because he misses me and I do not run away because he does not know otherwise if he still has enough strength for the two of us. So I went to him before, we’ve been nice to talk about … but then … he started with children. I did not take it anymore .. so I drove here because this house is always open for all, “said Amelia.

“And how it is,” Alex said, sighing.

“Where is Mer actually?” Amelia asked him. “Up,” Alex said only. Amelia stood up and went upstairs. “Meredith?” Amelia asked. Meredith came out of the bedroom and had black trousers. “Heeeey, what are you doing here?” Meredith asked. “I live here,” Amelia said.

“Yeah, but you did not want to talk to Owen?” Meredith asked. “I also, it did not work well,” said Amelia. “Okay … then good night,” said Meredith. “I am not tired yet. What are you up to? “Amelia asked. “Nothing … what .. what am I supposed to do?” Meredith asked. “You behave strangely,” said Amelia.

“I do not behave strangely,” Meredith said. “Meredith!” Said Amelia. “Amelia … please read it well,” Meredith said, and went to her room. Amelia went after her.

Alex also came up. “She has a date,” he said, standing with the bottle of beer in his hand. Amelia, who looked back at Meredith from Alex, looked at her. “You have a date?” Amelia asked.

“Alex,” Meredith said. “What ? Someone will soon know, “Alex said. “What will we all know?” Amelia asked. Meredith sighed.

“Okay … okay, okay … I have a date with … Nathan,” said Meredith. Amelia’s mouth was open. “Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve looked at,” Alex said.

“How about Riggs … seriously? Do not you hate him? “Amelia asked. “The…. I did not … but … now … no more. “Meredith swallowed.

“Wow … I mean wow … this is a thing. Since you together? “Amelia asked.
“No.” Meredith said.

“And then why the date?” She asked Meredith. “I want … to get to know each other better … I like him … I like him very much,” Meredith said.

“Goodness … you fell in love?” Amelia asked. “That … you can not say so … I just like him very much,” said Meredith. “If you ask me, you should call him and cancel the date.” Alex said, handing her cell phone to Meredith.

Meredith sighed. “You’re probably right … I mean what I’m doing here. I took a shower, my shoulders shaved, and I have nothing to wear, “Meredith said, dialing Nathan’s number when Amelia took her cell phone away. “What the hell?” Meredith asked.

“Yes, what is it?” Alex asked Amelia.

“You’ll have this date with him,” Amelia said. “Amelia … Alex is right, this is a stupid idea. Besides, Owen will not find the great thing I go out with Nathan and there’s the deal with Maggie, “Meredith sighed.

“What do Owen and Maggie have to do with it? What prevents you from going out with Riggs? “Amelia asked. “Maggie .. she likes him very much and I would be a bad sister when I go out with him now,” Meredith said.

“Why ? You like him too much and he likes you and not Maggie, or he would not want to go out with you. Stop thinking about others, think about yourself. Life is too short … to … just sit at home and blubbery. I think the Riggs is a decent guy. So have fun and go out with him. And do not worry that you have nothing to wear I have a chic blouse, I’ll lend it to you, “said Amelia.

“Yes, encourage her. Riggs will only be on one. You want to get to bed, “Alex said. “Can you hold your hat. Do not you want to make Meredith happy? Why are you talking about everything? Only the date with Thorbe now with Riggs, “said Amelia.

“I do not want her to be hurt, easy. I have experienced Riggs when I worked with him when it was about the baby with the sick heart as he instigated DeLuca behind Transplant’s back, even though I explicitly said that I did not want it. He’s sneaky, “Alex said, walking away.

“This is not a good idea,” Meredith said. “Nonsense. Alex spins. When comes Riggs? “Amelia asked. “In half an hour,” said Meredith. “Well, then we are looking for you to wear now,” Amelia said and pulled her with her into her room.

“This is one of my favorite blouses,” Amelia said, giving her a blouse.

“Amelia, I can not accept that,” said Meredith. “But you can and you will. They fit perfectly with jeans … and to these shoes,” Amelia said, giving her shoes.


Meredith looked at herself in the mirror as she was dressed. Her hair let her fall over her shoulder. “You should not have done that, you know?” Said Meredith. “I know … but so I steer clear of the problems with Owen,” Amelia sighed.
“Still the old subject?” Meredith asked, looking at her.

“Yes, he wants children, I do not want him … he .. does not understand and reproaches me .. after he found an empty pack of birth control pills at home,” said Amelia.

“Birth control pills ? So you really do not want children? “Meredith asked. “No. Well … Riggs should be right here, “Amelia said as she rang the bell at the door. They heard how Alex Nathan let in.

“That’s … okay, I feel like a 16 year old Teeanger that has the first date in front of you,” Meredith said, pissing us out.

“That’ll be fine,” Amelia said. Meredith took her bag and hung her around as her stomach grumbled. She squeezes her hand. “I hope I have not stuck with Zola with the stomach flu,” said Meredith and wanted to leave.

“Wait, you forgot something,” Amelia said, running into the bathroom and coming back with a condom.

“What am I to do with it?” Meredith asked. Amelia looked at her obliquely. “You and I know it does not stay at dinner … you both will land in bed, you have shaved your legs. And for safety, a condom … you do not know what diseases he has and if you do not want to become pregnant? “Amelia asked.

Meredith took the condom and put it in his pocket. “You’re right. I do not want to be pregnant anyway, “Meredith said, then went down the stairs accompanied by Amelia. Alex sat him living on the sofa. Nathan was standing in the corridor.

“Hey Shepherd they’re there too?” Nathan asked her when he saw Amelia.
“Hey Riggs. Before the whole thing gets embarrassed here, I know about you .. it’s okay, “said Amelia. “Okay … Meredith you look beautiful,” said Nathan.

“Thank you.” Alex rolled his eyes as he got it. Meredith put on a thin jacket.

“Okay then have fun,” Amelia said, sending them both out and closing the door, then sat in the living room next to Alex on the couch. “On your responsibility. I do not trust the guy, “Alex said to Amelia. “Stay relaxed,” Amelia said, turning on the TV.


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++


Nathan and Meredith drove past the houses in the car. “You live in a beautiful area. Do many families live here? “Nathan asked. “Yes, why do you ask?” Meredith asked him. “Just so,” said Nathan. “You live in town or. In a modern three-room apartment? “Said Meredith. “So you rate me?” Nathan asked.

“Yes,” said Meredith. “You thought wrong,” said Nathan. “Okay … well … where are we going?” Meredith asked him, “Lighten up,” Nathan said.

They drove to the port. Meredith looked outside and saw the boats. Here, Derek was always the best at the water and at his boats. Meredith had to swallow.
“I like to be here. This is one of my favorite places in Seattle, “Nathan said as he drove to a parking lot.

Nathan went out and then opened Meredith’s door. It was the Six Seven Restaurant & Lounge, where you had a perfect view of the harbor and the water and could also see ferries.

Meredith looked around. It was also getting dark. “And do you like it here?” Nathan asked. “Um … yes .. that .. is a nice place … just … because it’s at the water,” said Meredith. Derek would have liked it here as well. It is a pity that she and Derek never knew the place at that time.

Both went into the harbor restaurant. “I often go to eat here. The food tastes great here, “said Nathan. “About alone?” Meredith asked him. “Yes,” said Nathan.

“Nathan nice to see you. And who is your companion? “Asked the waiter. Both embraced each other amicably. “Meredith Gray.” Nathan said. Meredith stood awkwardly beside him.

The waiter brought her to a nice place.

“Thank you again for reserving a table for us so soon,” said Nathan. “No problem, after which my father got a new heart valve thanks to you,” said the waiter and gave both the cards.

Meredith looked from the map to Nathan. “It’s great here … but .. you have to know … I’m not the type of woman who likes to eat in restaurants,” said Meredith. “Not ? Hey, I do not … here is good rustic food. We can also eat burgers and fries if you want. You can choose what you want, I invite you. “Nathan smiled.

“Yeah,” Meredith said, suddenly uncertain. The waiter then came back and brought both a glass of red wine. Both ordered a steak and fries. Meredith ate something but then became uncertain. What was she doing here? She went out with Nathan and she felt guilty about Maggie. Even if Amelia was right, she would have to think about herself.

Meredith took a sip of red wine and put the glass back. “Sorry … I can not do this here,” she said, rising. “How … you can not do that?” Nathan asked confused.

“Eat with you here … as … we would be a couple of what we are not … it feels wrong,” Meredith said.

“Then .. call it what you want. Hey … we eat here as friends, yes … friends who eat together, “said Nathan.

“That sounds crazy … but I’m sorry I can not.” Meredith said, walking away.
“Meredith is waiting,” Nathan called after her, rose and gave the waiter the money and ran after Meredith.

Outside, Nathan departed Meredith. “Hey what’s going on?” He asked. “Why are you looking for a place … why .. the water. Now just the sunset … then this restaurant and this wonderful food? “Meredith asked him.

“I … wanted it to be something special … you like it here?” Nathan asked.
“Very … it … is beautiful here .. but could not we just eat pizza from the beginning … or burgers?” Meredith said and went back and forth.

Nathan sighed. “What’s happening ? Is it because of Maggie? “Nathan asked. “Yes … in part .. but also because of me … I’m still not so far you understand … when I see all this here … then I have to .. Derek think he would have loved this place here. He would have liked to eat with me here. He did not know that there was this place … and now he’s gone, “Meredith said, tears in his eyes.

Nathan looked at her and came towards her and took her in the arm. Then he looked at her. “Shall we drive?” Nathan asked. Meredith nodded. They both went to the car and drove off to get burgers and fries. They ate in the car and drove off again.

“Wait … do not drive home yet,” Meredith said. “Where … should I go?” Nathan asked.

“To you !? I … know almost nothing about you … where do you live? “Meredith asked him. “This is uninteresting,” said Nathan. “No .. if you .. .. .. with us .. then I must also know where you live,” said Meredith.

“Okay … well … but you’ll … I’m surprised,” Nathan said, then drove off. It was a bit out of town. He drove into a path as they stopped in front of a caravan.


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++


“What do we want here?” Meredith asked him. Nathan pointed to the caravan. “I live here,” he said. “You … live in a caravan?” Meredith asked him. “Yeah .. but I’m going to sell him and find a flat,” he said.

“Oh,” said Meredith. “Positively surprised or negatively surprised?” Nathan asked. Meredith said nothing, but got out. Nathan was confused, but also got out of the car.

Meredith looked at the caravan. She suddenly remembered when Derek had shown her his caravan and then she had held his hand and smiled and they went in together. She swallowed.

Nathan came next to her. “And … do you want to go in?” Nathan asked. Meredith looked at him and held out her hand, so that he should accept it. Nathan smirked and put his hand in hers. Both went to the caravan and Nathan unlocked him.

Meredith looked around inside. He was very cozy and spacious, as well as she had to admit the Nathan taste.

“Great is here. But why do you live in a caravan? “Meredith asked him. Nathan shrugged. “I do not know, since I live alone, this is enough for me. Besides, I spend most of my time in the hospital or on the road. It is enough to sleep and eat. But as I said, I am looking for an apartment in the city, “said Nathan.

Meredith looked around and went to the small bathroom.

“At the bathroom I was important that I have a shower … I shower often,” said Nathan the came to Meredith.

“Okay .. do you want to drink something?” Nathan asked. Meredith breathed deeply in and out. “A water,” she said, and put her bag where “I also have … wine?” Nathan asked her and helped her by the jacket and hung her in the small wardrobe.

“Red wine?” Meredith asked him. “A Chianti,” said Nathan. “Then gladly.” Meredith said, sitting down. Nathan then came with two glasses of red wine. “On us,” Nathan said, pushing at her. Both drank something. Meredith drank the whole glass. “Okay .. but someone is thirsty,” said Nathan.

Meredith looked at Nathan and then kissed him. Nathan was surprised by her reaction. They kissed passionately. Nathan walked with his hands under her blouse. Both stumbled to his bed.

Nathan pulled her blouse over her head. They got rid of their clothes, which flew individually to the ground when they were only in underwear. “You’re beautiful.” Nathan said, kissing her and bending over her Meredith had her legs apart. Nathan kissed her everywhere.

“Nathan … wait … Nathan … not without contraception,” she said, squeezing him away. “Your serious … we’re going to fit?” Nathan said. “We can not take care enough,” she said, picking up her bag and pulling out the condom.

Nathan sighed. “Meredith, come on,” he said. “I can not get it,” she said. Nathan took it to himself and tore it open without realizing a crack in the condom.

A little later, Nathan was over her. They loved each other for a long time. Meredith was also about him. Both enjoyed this proximity.

After 30 min. then Nathan rolled from her and breathed quickly. Meredith the same. “Oh my God … that was … wow.” Nathan said. Both sweated slightly. Meredith had her hand on her stomach and tried to breathe more slowly.

“It was better than then in the car, even if it was sensational. But that’s exactly what … is unique, “said Nathan.

Meredith then laughed. “What is there to laugh?” Nathan asked. “No idea … somehow I’m attracted to you,” she said. “You’re the one who seduces me,” Nathan said, looking at her. They both looked at each other and Meredith then went to him and laid her head on his upper body. Nathan put his left arm around her.

“How shall we continue ? We can not pretend nothing happened? “Nathan asked. “I do not know … best … it’s … you’re driving me home,” Meredith said. “You can stay here too?” Nathan asked.

“But that feels so to me that it is serious between us and we would come to work together tomorrow. What if someone sees us together? “Meredith asked.

“Meredith .. then .. it is just like that. Shepherd and Karev already know, “Nathan said. “Yes, but they will not say anything. What if Maggie sees us, and you do not remember what I said I do not like someone who is hated by almost everyone in the hospital. What would they say if they were to know about it? They will condemn me and avoid me, “said Meredith.

Nathan raised an eyebrow. “So I do not care what the others think about us and secondly you should not push the others as a reason we should not be together, that’s cowardly,” said Nathan. Meredith rose. “I mean that seriously,” she said.

“I also .. I want you and you me … and I mean that with you seriously .. I want a relationship and not a loose affair but what is right,” said Nathan. Meredith sighed. “I should dress,” she said. “Meredith hey … we go nowhere more. We’ll see tomorrow. We find a solution yes? “Said Nathan.

“What about my children?” She asked him. “Karev and Shepherd are there, and Pierce, too. So they are doing well, “he said. “Okay,” Meredith said, laying down again.

They both slept together.

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