The Flu: Love, James

“Ahhcccooooo!” Lily Evans sneezed. She was in the Hospital Wing and was quite irritated that she was missing classes. It wasn’t fair… why did she have to get the flu? “Oh this is not fair!” She whined, grabbing a tissue from the side of her bed.

Madam Pomfrey told her to stay in bed until she was all better. It seemed it was far from that for Lily felt incredibly weak, tired, and just sick.

“Dear, don’t complain…” Madam Pomfrey said, sympathetic. “How did this happen to you anyway?”

Lily’s face flushed deeply with embarrassment. “Oh… I just… fell in the lake…”

The nurse raised an eyebrow in suspicion. She continued her interrogation, “and how did that happen?”

Lily frowned. Madam Pomfrey usually didn’t question students but… Lily guessed it wouldn’t be a secret for much longer…

“My friend, Jenna Heartily, she accidentally pushed me into the lake… it was just an accident,” Lily confessed.

The woman was skeptical, “And you say she’s your friend?”

“Well, she did come after me and saved me…”

“Ah.” Lily blinked at the nurse curiously. “So no Prince Charming to save you yet?”

Lily shook her head sadly. ‘I wish… ‘ she thought to herself.

Pomfrey left her to think in the empty Hospital Wing. It was so quiet. ‘That’s odd,’ she thought, ‘I thought I’d be happy when I was by myself but… I just feel so alone….‘ she sighed miserably.

Madam Pomfrey was back in a couple of hours. Lily was reading her book that she recently checked out from the library (Collection of Muggle Fairy Tales by Baylin Biskit) and wasn’t really paying attention.

Someone knocked on the door and Lily just continued reading. She was mildly enjoying her book.

“Just fifteen minutes, please?” Someone outside begged Madam Pomfrey.

Madam Pomfrey relented with one condition, “All right but no pranks! I mean it!”

That someone interrupted Lily.

Lily was dully reading her book, too ill to actually know what she was reading when someone had pulled her book away from her. Her bright green eyes met chocolate brown. She faced a boy with unruly jet black hair and a mischievous grin.

“Now, now Lils.. what are you reading?” He teased. He glanced at the title. He snorted, “Muggle Fairy Tales?”

Lily snatched her book back and frowned, “Oh shut up James Potter!”

James was sitting next to her on the bed. He shook his eyes disapprovingly, “Pushed into the lake by one of your friends — how embarrassing.”

Lily blushed again but managed to look at James pointedly, “At least I don’t get my friends almost expelled.”

“Hey! That wasn’t me!”

“No, last week it was you; this week it was Sirius,” Lily reminded him.

James laughed but it was weaker than his usual. “Right, anyway Lils.. here’s my present — actually from all of us..”

Lily blushed once more as James handed her a red box of candies. There was a big gold bow on the top that was stuck by spello-tape.

James grinned, “Leah bought all your favorites from Honeydukes.” Lily looked up at him, head slightly tilted. Her friend Leah Tenshi wouldn’t give her anything harmful but the Marauders on the other hand… James quickly added, “Don’t worry we didn’t but any trick foods in there.. mostly chocolates.”

Lily smiled appreciatively. “Thank you James,” she whispered.

James just nodded acknowledging. He gave one finally smirk, “You’re welcome.”

He nodded and left quite quickly. Lily smiled after him. She sighed relieved. James was a good friend…

She looked at the tag. It was a small one, probably made by her one of her friends (most likely Leah), and it had a short note by James.

We all hope you feel better and you know we’ll always be there for you.

Love, James

She gave a goofy kind of smile. Cold seemed oblivious to her now… and warmth entered her body. She looked back to the tag and noticed the postscript.

PS Jenna says she’s sorry and that she’ll bring you homework to make it up to you…

Lily giggled, starting to open the box. Maybe flues weren’t so bad sometimes… not when your friends were there for you.

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