The Suffering of a Young Mechanic

“You really helped me a lot. Thank you, Wendy, “said the old lady, who just hugged the young mechanic.

Wendy smiled contentedly and returned the embrace. If their customers were satisfied, it was a very fulfilling feeling.

“I liked to do it. It will take some time for you to get used to your new leg prosthesis, “Wendy continued, looking at her finished work again. The old lady had scraped up all her savings to finally be able to afford a prosthesis. Although Wendy knew that she could not do her work for nothing, and that the woman had much too little money, she had given the woman a generous discount. It was probably because she reminded her of her own grandmother.

“Still, we’re deeply in your debt,” sighed the old lady’s husband. “It is not much, but you can come to our own vegetable at any time,” he offered her. Compared to a high-quality prosthesis, this was a rather modest offer, but the mechanic made it happy.

“Thank you that makes me very happy. Then I know where I can soon buy my hot-loving tomatoes, “Wendy grinned.

“Lebenslang tomatoes free house. How does it sound like? “The lady beamed with happiness, whereupon Wendy had to laugh.

“If you have any problems, come over here at any time. Otherwise, we’ll see each other in a month. Then you have worn the prosthesis for a while and I can make the last adjustments. “

The old couple thanked him several times, so that Wendy was already embarrassed.

After saying good-bye to each other, Wendy looked at them for a moment, before she heard a quiet purse next to her.

“Oh, boss! There you are, “breathed Wendy, relieved, and took the black cat up. “You have not looked a few days. I was worried, “she continued. But then her face darkened. “And the prosthesis looks very worn. Where the hangman did you get around? “She went to the cat.

Boss, who always showed an annoyed expression on the face, worked with one time guilty.

“You can be glad that you do not have to walk on three paws,” Wendy sighed. “You’re gone for days and you come back with a demolished prosthesis … so real, you remember me about someone,” she shook her head.

With her cat in the tow, she turned on the heel and went back into the workshop.

Actually, she wanted to have a break, which she had only earned herself. But through the conversation with the old couple, she had stalked more time than she thought, so she had to go to her next work.

She immediately switched back to working mode and walked around the specimens lying on a wooden table in the middle of the room. The arms that she had designed this time for Genos were more flexible and lighter than his last. On the other hand, they had lost something of punch.

For a while she stood there and let several options go through her head. Then she shrugged and decided to discuss this matter with the doctor again before she thought of further optimizations. Every change brought advantages and disadvantages.


It had taken the whole night to make the arms, so that Wendy was completely tired the next morning. Yet she proudly looked at her result. The doctor, after giving her a few tips about the new arms, immediately set off for a new track, which was the cyborg that had destroyed Wendy’s and Genos’ hometown.

Wendy took a deep breath, and when she closed her eyes, she still felt the heat of the flames from her time when her hometown was razed to the ground. As Genos and they had survived as the only one, Genos’ condition was no longer really classified under the category “living”, he was more dead than alive.

If the Doctor had not helped them at the time, they would have been quite a bit tired.

And Genos would not have survived if the Doctor had not turned him into a cyborg.

Wendy sighed slightly, shaking her head to expel the gloomy thoughts. Since then, Genos had sworn to find this cyborg. But now four years had passed and the doctor had not yet received any useful information.

“Doctor?” She suddenly heard the voice of her regular customer, her only too familiar, ring through the room.

“Is not there,” Wendy murmured, straightening from her chair. “Oh, genius … YOU SHIT!” She said, when she noticed his condition. His arms were torn out, part of his cranium was missing, and his left knee was shattered, so that he dragged his leg more than he was really upright.

“You have exaggerated it! This time you have really shot the bird! “She hissed, banging his fist clenched against his upper body.

Too late, she noticed what she had just done out of the impulse. But then her hand ached already, whereupon she cursed in front of herself.

“Wendy, take a look, you’re gonna be something else,” Genos said dryly, which brought her even more to the palm.

She had just finished a not so easy night shift here, and this guy did not have anything better to do than just get more work done. Life as a genius mechanic was not easy, even if the doctor and she often shared the work. But since he was not there, Wendy had to go.

“Sit. You, “she squeezed out, pointing to the couch.

“It’s not that I do it intentionally,” Genos said guiltily, who had not escaped the tiredness of Wendy.

“That would be even more beautiful,” muttered Wendy, who just took his skull. There the damage was not so bad. The problem would rather be the arms. And the knee … Oh shit on it, the whole leg could be with.

After a few experienced handouts, that was done, too, and Genos was amazed at how fast she was always with her, although she always complained.

“Genos, I can be lucky that I had some spare parts, but you have to understand that you have to be careful. Is that going to your tin skull? “Wendy growled as she swallowed an aspirin against the headache and rinsed with water.

“Next time I try to think about it,” she heard Genos say and it was clear that he would most likely NOT think about it.

Genos moved the arms experimentally and seemed content with it. “They’re a lot easier and more flexible,” he noted, then Wendy stepped back next to him and checked again if everything was right. This was almost a compulsive disorder, how often she tested everything more than once. Strangely, however, it was only when she made parts for genos. It just had to be everything perfect. So that he was not restricted on the battlefield. So that he was protected and he always returned to her.

A light shadow flitted over her face as she realized again what a dangerous world they were.

“I think I really found a useful track this time,” Genos suddenly said, throwing her from her mind. Irritated, she looked up and noticed the sparkle in his eyes. Strange. Although there was not much human about him at all, she still saw in him the genos of that time.

“This time it’s going to Z-Town,” he continued. “Maybe I’ll find him, and then …” he continued, but Wendy sighed.

“Have a break. You’ll get up here, you’ll be repaired and you’ll be back, “she replied, more reproach than intended.

Genos did not understand her objection. “But that has been the goal from the beginning. That I find this cyborg and avenge our hometown. “

Wendy looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. For four whole years he lived solely for revenge. Genos was fixed on a goal and did not perceive anything else around him. And again, Wendy had to ask himself if that was the right way to live.

The fact that they spent less and less time together seemed to concern them alone. Yet she would never have expressed these thoughts. She wanted to support him, because she had decided at that time when she had pulled him half-dead from the rubble.

“I just mean that …” she did not come, because a weakness came over her, so she staggered forward into his arms.

“Looks like you’re the one who needs a break,” he said, lifting it up with ease, which in turn led to Wendy being embarrassed.

“Hey, I can run myself”, she wanted to protest, but Genos did not think to drop her, but instead she took her to her room.

Wendy sulked as she was dropped on her bed with a deep red head.

Genos did not understand their reaction. Instead, he looked at her.

“You’re still a human being. In contrast to me, you must keep your resting time. “

“This is not your seriousness,” Wendy pouted. “How can I stay calm in bed, if you come back here half scraped,” she continued to grumble as she lay down. She did not ask herself for the first time whether the doctor had removed him the feeling of embarrassment or not. For how self-evidently he had brought her up, and she was just covering her, while her heart had still not calmed down, and pounding violently against her chest.

“Oh, your pulse has accelerated,” Genos noted with his analysis ability and scanned it from top to bottom.

“What are you doing ?!” she hissed, but suddenly he put her hand on her forehead.

The cool steel felt comfortable, so that it calmed down despite everything.

Wendy could not help yawning. Then she looked at Genos, who was still sitting at her bedcloth and looking at her vigorously.

“Can not hurt if I take care of you for a change, as long as the doctor is not there,” he began, but suddenly something occurred to him. “Your pulse has apparently calmed down again.”

“I’ve already noticed,” she muttered indistinctly. “I just need some sleep. Is nothing serious, “she finally said, but Genos still looked at her.

“Stare not so, that is embarrassing to me …”

“But I’m trying to find out if everything is all right. I can not give anything on the battlefield if I do not know my mechanic well. “

“Oh, stop,” she hissed. For although she was glad that he stayed for a little longer, she did not want to be a burden to him.

But when he rose, she instinctively reacted and took him by the hand. “But if I think so, you can make me pancakes.”

“Just like when you were sick?” He asked, while a slight smile flitted over his lips.

Wendy nodded and did not know why she said this request.

But after all these years, when they were eating pancakes together again, it was as if at least they had at least a small bit of normality back.

Probably it could never be the same again. And yet she hoped that Genos’ search would come to an end and he would come to rest again.

Until then, she wanted to do at least what was in her power.

And indeed, to support him from the background with their abilities.

Wendy had long since ceased to revenge herself on this cyborg, which had destroyed her hometown.

The main thing was that Genoslebte.

That’s why it was all the more important for her to do everything to protect him in her own way …

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