Within the Shadows of Hatred (Chapter 2: Sneaky Sneaky Sir)

He waited back in the shadows of the downstairs corridor of the Potters’ home. She was in the doorway to the kitchen, laughing at something someone was saying.

“You said it’s in the den?” Caitlyn asked her mother and Lavender, referring to the tablecloth she had just been asked to retrieve.

“Yes, in the third drawer.” Hermione answered. Caitlyn turned, her long braid whipping around behind her and went down the hall.

He watched as she approached, and when she was near enough, he reached out and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her into the closet with him.

“What the hell!” Caitlyn shouted, flinging her fists around.

“Lumos…” he whispered, his wand lighting up the small space.

“Blue you asshole!” Caitlyn snapped, smacking his chest with her hand. He started laughing. “You really scared me!”

“Aw, I’m sorry.” Blue said impishly, his blue eyes lighting up mischievously. He stuck his wand on a shelf and wound his arms around her waist. “You know you’re not really mad at me.”

“What makes you so sure?” Caitlyn asked loftily.

“Because I’m so irresistible.” Blue replied, resting his forehead on hers.

Caitlyn tried to maintain her glare, but burst into giggles as he wagged his eyebrows and winked at her. “You are too much.”

“I know.” Blue grinned. “That’s why you love me.”

“That could be a good reason.” Caitlyn said as he lowered his lips to hers. Her hands left his chest and travelled up to stroke the hair at his nape. Blue pressed his mouth harder against hers, lightly stroking his tongue along the seam of her lips. She opened her mouth and he entered, lustfully exploring every inch of her that he could.

Blue’s lips left hers and began a path down her neck. He deftly began to unbutton her white blouse, sliding it over her shoulders. Caitlyn let a tiny cry escape her throat as he pressed his mouth to the spot right to the left of her chin; it was very sensitive, as he’d found out.

She let her hands move back over the satiny fabric of his Quidditch robe, untying it and letting it drop to the floor. Their mouths returned hotly to one another’s, passionately loving each moment. Blue began to tug on her bra strap, successfully pulling one down and then reaching to do the same to the other, but Caitlyn pulled her arm up and stopped him.

“Blue, we can’t do this in here.” She felt down on the floor for her shirt and slipped it back on.

“Why not?” Blue asked, folding his Quidditch robe over his arm.

“Because, it’s my parent’s house for one thing…and I was supposed to be back ten minutes ago with a tablecloth.” Caitlyn replied.

“Oh.” Blue said, smiling sheepishly. Caitlyn grinned back and kissed him one more time.

“Let me peek out to see if anyone’s out there…” she cracked the door open an inch or so and saw that the hallway was empty. “We’re safe.”

“Good.” Blue said as they got out and Caitlyn shut the door.

“I thought you were coming over later.” She said.

“Our meeting got out early.” Blue replied. “Plus the whole team was attacked.”

“Attacked?” Caitlyn’s green eyes grew wide.

“Attacked by a horde of teenagers!” he said. “First they nailed Mason, and then they came running for me.”

Caitlyn started laughing. “You poor thing, is fame too much for you to handle?”

“They tried to kiss me too.” Blue said, looking at his girlfriend from the corner of his eye. ‘Three…two…one…’ he counted mentally.

“You didn’t let them did you?” she asked, narrowing her eyes.

“Well I tried not to…but there was one…” Blue said devilishly, unable to control his smile any longer.

“Blue!” Caitlyn shouted angrily. He fell against the wall, bent over with laughter.

“You really went for that one!” Blue snickered. Caitlyn glared at him angrily.

“You have to be the most irritating person sometimes!” she snapped. She shoved him in annoyance and turned her back.

He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her middle. “Come on Caty, I was kidding. You’re just so fun to tease. We did get swarmed by fans, but none of them made a move on me…not that I’d let them.”

Caitlyn turned, and smiled back at him. Although it wasn’t her normal nice smile, this one had an evil tinge to it.

“Wha…why are you smiling at me like that?” Blue asked.

“Two can play at that game.” She said calmly. “No sex.”

“What?!? Caty!” Blue cried as she turned and went into the den. He followed behind her. “Come on, please!”

“Help me find the tablecloth my mother wants.” Caitlyn said, ignoring his plea. She wasn’t serious about not having sex, after spending two weeks without him she was as hungry for the ‘indoor’ sport as Blue was, but it was also fun to tease him.

He realized there was nothing else he could do right now, so he kneeled down and helped her drag a large white cloth from a drawer.

“Thanks.” She said as he shut the drawer for her. Blue made his eyes go wide and pleading, he knew it was a look Caitlyn couldn’t resist.

“Don’t give me that look.” She said immediately. Blue pushed it even further and stuck his lower lip out. “Blue, I mean it.” Caitlyn was obviously trying hard not to smile.

“Is it working?” he asked, coming up to her. “Come on, just last night doesn’t make up for two weeks of nothing!”

“Hmmm…” Caitlyn shifted the roll of cloth so it was held under one arm, while her index finger tapped her cheek. “I seem to be feeling just fine…” she dropped the tablecloth as Blue growled and rushed forward at her, grabbing her around the waist.

“Well I’m certainly not!” he said, crushing her body up against his. Caitlyn finally lost it and began to giggle.

“Now who’s fun to tease?” she asked.

“Ha ha.” Blue said sarcastically, but he was grinning.

“Have you even gone home yet?” Caitlyn inquired.


“Git. Your mother was waiting for you to show up all morning.” She replied.

“Can I help it if I had one gorgeous distraction keeping me from getting where I was supposed to go?” Blue asked.

“I didn’t realize the Chudley Cannons were gorgeous.” Caitlyn sniggered. “Come on, our mothers are in the kitchen.” She picked up the tablecloth and then grabbed his hand, leading him down the hallway.

“Blue!” Lavender cried as she saw her son. Caitlyn handed the cloth to her mother, avoiding her eyes.

“Thanks dear. Did you get lost trying to find it?” Hermione asked, barely suppressing a smile.

“Something like that.” Caitlyn muttered. “It was in the second drawer, not the third.”

“My mistake.” Hermione said, smiling at her daughter and then Blue. “How are you Blue?”

“Great, thanks.” Blue extracted himself from his mother and gave Hermione a hug.

“How was your meeting this morning?” Lavender asked, looking fondly at her only child.

“It was fine.” Blue puffed his chest out proudly. “They’re saying I’m the best Keeper since Oliver Wood, and that the Cannons finally have a shot at the World Cup!”

“That’s wonderful!” Lavender said, excited. “Does your father know?”

“No, I just got here.” Blue said. “Is he outside?”

“He and Harry are outside keeping the kids away from the house.” Hermione replied, shaking the tablecloth out. Lavender moved around to take the other end and help put it over the long table.

“Caty come with me.” Blue said, wrapping his hand around hers. They went outside by the edge of the pond, where Ron and Harry were currently threatening to throw Carl in.

“Hi Dad!” Blue called out as they approached. Ron and Harry put Carl down and turned to where their respective children were approaching. “Hi Uncle Harry!”

“Hey!” Ron’s smile was wide as his son let go of Caitlyn’s hand and hugged him.

“How did your meeting go?” Harry asked, giving his daughter’s beau a hug as well.

“Great!” Blue beamed once more. “Because of me the Cannons have a shot at the World Cup!” he boasted proudly.

Caitlyn caught her father’s eye and grinned, she knew he wouldn’t say that she’d already relayed this news earlier. Harry winked back at her as Ron gave a strangled shout and jumped into the air. Carl, Corinne and Colin looked at him like he was crazy.

“My son, the best seeker the Cannons ever had!” Ron yelled, pumping his fist in the air. Harry couldn’t help himself; he bent over and laughed loudly.

Corinne ran over to Caitlyn and attached herself to her older sister’s legs, peeking through her black curls at Blue. It was a long running joke in the Potter home that Caitlyn had competition for Blue’s affections with Corinne. Colin and Carl, on the other hand, thought he was just another guy to play around with.

“Blue! Will you take me on a ride on your broomstick?” Colin begged.

“No fair, it’s my birthday!” Carl whined, pushing Colin aside. Colin glared at his younger brother.

“So? You get to see him when I’m gone to school!”

Harry stepped next to his sons. “Blue didn’t even bring his broomstick today, boys.” He put a hand on each other their shoulders. “You don’t want me to have to call your mother out here, do you?” he asked and everyone laughed at the look on the boys’ faces. Harry and Ron took the boys and headed back to the house, but Corinne stayed close to her sister.

Caitlyn picked her up; she was small for her age and rather light. She settled her sister on her hip and turned her to face Blue, who grinned.

“Hi Corinne…” he drawled, and Corinne blushed.

“Hi.” She said shyly.

“How’s my favourite girl today?” Blue asked as Caitlyn smiled and passed her over. “How old are you now?”

“Five…but not till next week.” Corinne replied.

“Five!” Blue smacked a hand to his forehead dramatically. “I’m going to have to start beating off those guys soon, how will they know that you two are my girls?” Caitlyn laughed and Corinne smiled and hugged him.

*** *** *** *** ***

Grace Finch Fletchley held tight onto the hands of two of her youngest children as they whirled through a portkey to the Potter’s residence. She and Justin had found out that apparating with six children was no way to travel, and when they had to go out of Diagon Alley, where they lived, portkeys were the easiest way.

“Oof!” she cried as she was hurled onto the porch, crashing into what seemed to be about a hundred other people.

“Ow Mum!” Eight-year-old Elena cried as she smashed into her twin sister and brother. Justin appeared a moment later behind them, with their three older children in tow.

“Is everyone all right?” George Weasley was looking on in amusement at them.

“Oh fine.” Grace said, smiling ruefully. “It’s rough to travel with a large family. We always wind up in a jumble.”

“That tends to happen with triplets as well.” George’s wife Ambir said. She put her hands on her son’s shoulders. They had two boys, Shinji and Kaworu, and a girl Nagisa. Ambir was of Japanese descent, and she and George had picked names from her family ancestors.

“How are you doing?” Grace asked warmly. She’d become accustomed to the Weasley family over the past eleven years, due to their ‘extended’ families; they were often at the same functions.

“Oh just fine.” Ambir answered. George grinned as the children squealed in excitement at seeing one another.

“I thought I heard something out here – Oh! Hi everyone!” Ron had opened the door. “How long have you been standing here?”

“For an hour.” George quipped, pushing past his younger brother. “About bloody time you answered the door.” He grinned. “How are you, by the way?”

“Fine, George thanks for asking.” Ron replied sarcastically, but he was grinning too. “Mum and Dad here yet?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing.” George said.

“I guess that’s a no then.” Ron answered. He grinned again at everyone else who was stumbling in the door. “Hi kids!”

“Hi Uncle Ron!” all nine children chorused.

“Colin, Carl and Corinne are all out back.” Ron said, pointing to the rear of the house. “They’ve been waiting for you all morning.”

Ron, Ambir, George, Grace and Justin all jumped aside as the stampede pounded through the hallway and out to the back.

“Ahhh, breathing room!” Justin said, sliding an arm around his wife’s waist. They all sniggered as they made their way into the kitchen, where Hermione was finishing the icing of one of her famous chocolate cakes.

“I didn’t think all those children were mine.” She remarked lightly.

“I should think not.” Grace laughed. “But you’re welcome to them if you want.”

“No thanks, four are all I can handle.” Hermione joked. She set her wand down (she’d been using it to write on the cake) and hugged her best friend.

“Where’s Harry?” Justin asked.

“Where do you think? He’s disappeared…soon as there’s work to do, he’s gone.” Hermione said.

Ron, George and Justin all burst into laughter while the women shook their heads.

“Aren’t your parents here yet Ron?” Hermione asked.

“That seems to be the million Galleon question of the day.” Ron quipped, and George sniggered. “No they’re not.”

“Maybe I should have asked to have the party there. The boys always seem to behave when we’re at your parents’.” Hermione grinned as Harry came into the kitchen. “Look who’s finally decided to join us.”

“What?” Harry looked confused. “I had…something to do.” He greeted everyone with a somewhat strained smile on his face.

“You always have something to do when there’s something to be done here in the kitchen.” Hermione waved a finger at her husband. She clearly wasn’t mad due to the smile on her face. “I was just saying how the boys always seem to behave when we’re at Molly and Arthur’s.”

Harry laughed. “That’s for sure. Almost act like angels.” He looked over at George and Ron. “Your parents have the best gatherings. They always invite us even though we’re technically not family.”

Ron gave him an evil smile. “Oh but that may change soon enough, right Harry?”

Harry glared. “Shut up Ron.”

Ron rolled his eyes and sent a smile at Hermione, who grinned back. “Oh come on Harry, don’t you think it’d be great having Blue as a son in law?” she asked, sliding her arms around his stomach.

“I…suppose…” Harry stammered. He did like Blue, he liked him a lot, but he just didn’t want his daughter to be married so soon. He knew he was a bit overprotective, but Caitlyn and he had a very special bond; for the first eleven years of her life they’d only had each other. “Ooh look, my wife has finished the cake!” he said quickly, hoping to change the subject. He, Ron, Justin and George licked their lips and scurried to the counter to ‘taste’.

“Freeze!” Hermione pulled her wand out of her pocket and aimed it at the four men. “Take even one swipe at that cake and you’ll be spitting slugs for a week!”

Ron was the first to back off; the memory of belching slugs in his second year was still too powerful a memory to make him want to go through it again. George roared, and Harry and Justin guiltily put their hands up and stepped away. Hermione shot out a small zap that hit all four men in the posterior and all the men grabbed their arses and yelped.

“Hermione what was that for?” Harry whined.

“You touch my cake, you pay the price.” Hermione said, wagging her finger at her husband. “That was only a taste…” the whole kitchen exploded in laughter.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

By the time another hour had rolled by, Molly and Arthur had arrived and the party was in full swing. Hermione had managed to usher all the children outside, and they were happily playing together in a large group by the pond and small clearing of woods.

“I want to use this teacup!” Nagisa held up a pink flowered cup that filled itself with sweet tea the moment she touched it.

Corinne looked at her but didn’t say anything. It was her favourite coloured cup; Carl was already using the other one just like it. Her twin turned to her.

“Here.” He set the other pink cup down in front of his sister. “You can have this one.” Carl grabbed the purple cup that was sitting in front of his sister. I’ll use this one.”

Corinne grinned widely. “Thanks Carl.” She reached over and hugged her twin.

Caitlyn passed by them, smiling. Ever since the twins had been born, Carl, three minutes older, had been extremely protective of his sister. They never fought, and were almost always together. She headed towards her house, intending to get some more pumpkin juice for herself.

“Save some of that for me!” Caitlyn called as she opened the door. Grace stood at the counter, filling herself a glass of juice.

“Sure honey.” Grace smiled at her. Caitlyn loved her mother’s friend; she was one of the coolest and most unpredictable people she had ever known. “I haven’t had a chance to talk to you yet, how is everything?”

“Oh, perfect.” Caitlyn grinned. She filled Grace in on the details of her trip to Spain. “I’m taking a bit of time off though, to spend with friends and family. I’ve been working non-stop for about six months.”

“Spend more time with Blue, you mean.” Grace said slyly. Caitlyn flushed red.

“Well, yes.” She leaned back against the counter. “We’ve both been terribly busy lately, he’s doing so well in Quidditch that he’s required to practice constantly.”

“Your mother tells me you two have become quite close.” Grace said, arching an eyebrow.

“Well…you could say that.” Caitlyn grinned. “You know how it is….” Grace laughed and nodded. Just then one of her elder children, Samantha, came running in.

“Mum, Daddy told me I couldn’t stay over at Jenny’s tonight!” she cried, her face gone red in anger.

“He’s probably just teasing you.” Grace replied. “You know you’re going.”

Caitlyn turned to take a sip of her juice and noticed Blue standing in the entryway to the hall. He motioned with his head upstairs.

“Go ahead, I’ll be there in a little bit.” She mouthed. He nodded and slipped away before anyone could notice.

“Sorry about that.” Grace said as Samantha happily went back outside. “Sometimes Justin likes to tease her about seeing her friends.”

“It’s all right. I have to go get something—” she began but then her mother entered.

“Oh there you are Grace.” Hermione said. “I figured you’d corner her sooner or later.” She grinned at her daughter. “Sometimes I think you tell Grace more than you tell me about your current living situation.”

“No, actually, she hasn’t told me anything.” Grace teased. Both women turned towards the younger girl.

“What?” Caitlyn asked after a moment. She shot a longing glance towards the hallway.

“Well for starters, I’d really like to hear more about how many people are living in your flat.” Hermione said, sitting down at the table. Grace followed suit, and Caitlyn realized with a sigh that she wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Blue flopped back on his girlfriend’s old bed. Not being able to see her for two weeks had been rough, not just on his libido but he’d really missed her as well. Ever since getting together five years before, they’d barely been separated for more than three days at a time.

“Come on Caty…” he grumbled a bit as five minutes ticked by and she still hadn’t shown up. He saw her bag on the floor and rifled through it, hoping to find something to do.

Lucky for Blue, she’d stowed a Quidditch magazine among the clothing she’d hurriedly thrown in there that morning, and he sat back down and began flipping through it. He was nearing the end when he heard footsteps on the stairs just outside her room.

“I’ll just change and be down in a minute.” Caitlyn called. Her brothers had come in to get a drink and immediately Carl had managed to spill pumpkin juice all over her. She probably could have just charmed the stain right off, but it provided her a good excuse to finally go upstairs.

“Blue?” she called out softly as she stepped inside. “Blue are you still in here?” the room looked empty, and Caitlyn sighed, he must have gone back downstairs. Going over to her bag, she rummaged through it looking for another shirt; she could have sworn she had thrown in more than one.

“Damn it, where is it?” she muttered.

“Right here.” Blue said, popping up from the other side of the bed.

Caitlyn jumped. “Blue!!” she screamed angrily.

He fell down on the bed, laughing hysterically. “That’s three for me!” he cheered.

“You are so immature!” she snapped, yanking her shirt from his hands.

“I know.” Blue smirked. “It’s part of my charm.”

Caitlyn snickered. “Charm, is that what it’s called?” She started to unbutton her shirt, then stopped. “Do you mind?” she asked.

“What?” Blue asked.

“I need to change.” She replied.

“So? Go ahead.”

Caitlyn looked at her boyfriend through narrowed eyes. “Do you really think after that little stunt that I’d let you see anything?”

“Hey, you kept me waiting a half hour!” Blue claimed. “I’m a sexually frustrated red blooded wizard who just wants to spend some quality time with the girl he loves.” He stuck his lower lip back out.

“You weren’t so sexually frustrated last night.” Caitlyn pointed out, unbuttoning the rest of her blouse. “In fact, I think we very nearly got caught up with our two weeks.”

“Nearly…” Blue’s eyes lit up. “Nearly, not totally.” He pulled her onto the bed, flipping himself so he was leaning over her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked, as he bent down and lightly blew in her ear.

“I’m seducing you.” He gave her his best sexy smile and she tried hard not to burst into a fit of giggles. “Why, is it working?”

“Oh you know it does.” She grinned, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him down so that his lips met hers in an explosive kiss. “Come on, show me what you’re made of…” she cooed flirtatiously when they parted.

“You want to see what the Blue is made of?” Blue asked, pushing himself off her. “You asked for it!” he got off the bed.

“I’m too sexy for me!” he sang loudly. Caitlyn laughed and clapped as he pulled his shirt off and ran his hands up and down his torso. “How can you resist me when I’m so sexy?” he sang tunelessly. “Who here would like a piece of Blue?”

“Oh! Me!! Me!!!” Caitlyn waved her arms around. Blue pointed to her.

“You, little lady, do you think you can handle just a piece of Blue?”

“Oh, I certainly hope so!” Caitlyn battled her eyes in mock helplessness. “I don’t know how much longer I can resist the temptation!”

“Well this is your lucky day little woman.” Blue jumped back on the bed. “For today, and today only, you get your best shot at me!” he bounced up and down, his head nearly hitting the ceiling.

“Get down here you goof!” she grabbed his trouser leg. He flopped down beside her.

“You even saved me the work of unbuttoning your blouse.” Blue said. He drew the sleeves down her arms. “You’re not supposed to make seduction this easy.”

“I could make it hard if you want.” Caitlyn replied.

“Oh it already is.” Blue smirked, lying back and drawing her on top of him.

“You are so bad!” Caitlyn exclaimed.

“Judging from your screams last night I’d say I was pretty damned good!” Blue replied.

“Ooooh…” Caitlyn said, her voice going husky. “You are good.” They both snickered. She laid her head down against his shoulder and traced along his chest with her index finger.

“Caitlyn?” he said a few moments later. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She answered softly. Caitlyn raised her head up and kissed him. He encircled his arms back around her, pressing her body intimately against his. Their kissing grew frenzied very fast, both pressing their mouths as hard as they could against one another’s. Blue’s tongue was clashing madly against hers, his hands running up and down her bare skin.

Caitlyn brought his hands up to the strap of her bra that was settled on her shoulder. Blue took the initiative and slid them both down, then unclasping it in the back. He threw the bra across the room, and she brought her body back against his. Now with only skin upon skin, their passion was reaching new proportions, and Blue reached down to fuss with her jeans.

She was so involved in kissing him that she didn’t realise at first that he was pulling her jeans down her legs. She finally became aware when a draft of cool air hit her thighs.

“Blue, wait!” she said, pushing herself off of him and rolling onto her back. “I can’t do this, not here in my parent’s house.”

Blue grunted. “Right.” He said.

“I’m sorry.” She said, raising her head back up to look at him. “I just can’t here.”

“It’s all right, Caty.” Blue smiled at her. “I understand. And it’ll make it that much better tonight.”

“Aye it will.” She kissed him again and groaning, got off the bed. Retrieving her bra, she fastened it back on. “I’ve got to get back downstairs.”

“Me too.” Blue pulled his own shirt back over his head. “We should sneak off like this more often.” He sat back down on the bed and watched her dress. “I’ve always wanted to shag you in this bed though.”

She stopped in her tracks and stared at him. “You’ve always wanted to shag me in this bed? When we met when we were eleven, you wanted to shag me?”

Blue grinned. “Oh yeah! I was randy for you even back then baby!” they both started laughing again as she finished buttoning up a sky blue shirt.

“Come on, Don Juan.” She grabbed his hand. “We’re lucky no one even came looking for us.”

“I suppose.” Blue twisted his mouth.

“You really wouldn’t want my father to see us like that would you?” Caitlyn asked, glancing sideways at him.

“Uh…no…” Blue liked Harry a lot, but really didn’t want to face his wrath. “Speaking of your father though…did you tell him about us?”

“No.” she answered. “My mum guessed though…I’m just trying to think of a way to break it to my father.”

“How about, Hey Dad, Blue and I are living together.”

“Honestly.” Caitlyn rolled her eyes. “Right, that’s the perfect way to tell my father that his little girl is all grown up and living with her boyfriend.”

“Well we’ve got to find some way.” Blue said, stopping. He put his arms around her waist and hugged her body close to his. “I just don’t want to hide it any longer.”

“I know, me neither.” Caitlyn replied, speaking into his broad chest. “But he’ll freak out unless we’re getting married, and we’re not getting married unless I get pregnant.”

“Nah.” Blue said. “We’re fine just the way we are.” He suddenly pulled back and looked at her. “You aren’t……are you?”

“No!” Caitlyn exclaimed. “No way!”

“Okay.” Blue said, relieved. “I thought you were trying to hint at it.”

“I’d tell you right out if I was.” Caitlyn raised herself up and kissed him. “Blame you too, for ruining my figure.”

Laughing, they headed back downstairs to rejoin the party.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Hermione planted a light kiss on Colin’s forehead and tucked the covers tightly around him.

“Day after tomorrow we’ll go to Diagon Alley for your school supplies.” she said, smoothing his jet black hair away from his forehead.

“Okay.” Colin mumbled, already half asleep. Hermione smiled and got up, closing the door behind her as they left the room.

In the hall, Harry was just saying goodnight to the twins and closing their door. He grinned at his wife, who smiled tiredly back at him.

“Today was a good day wasn’t it?” she asked, going over to her husband and leaning up against him. Harry put his arms around Hermione’s waist and kissed the top of her head.

“Yes it was a great day.” Harry said, absentmindedly moving his thumbs up and down over the fabric of her shirt. “You pulled off a spectacular party, love.”

“Thanks.” She looked up at him and he lowered his head, bringing his lips to hers for a sweet, lingering kiss. “Are you going to bed?”

“No, not yet.” Harry answered. “I’m feeling a bit wired for some reason.”

“What was bothering you earlier?” Hermione asked. “I could tell when you came in this morning that you were troubled about something.”

“Oh.” Harry rolled his eyes in annoyance. “I meant to say something to you earlier, but I never got the chance.” He sighed heavily. “There’s been an uprising of dark activity in South America, and I’ve got to go on a two week business trip to check things out.”

“Why you?” Hermione asked. “Can’t they get one of the other men in your department to go? And why for two weeks?”

“Apparently they think I’m best for the job.” Harry replied. “I suppose that’s the truth, but two other men would do just as well as I would.”

“When are you leaving?” she asked.

“In a week, the day after Colin leaves for Hogwarts.” Harry said. He lowered his head again so his forehead rested against hers. “I’ll try and get everything done as soon as I can, so I won’t have to stay.”

“Good.” Hermione said, kissing him once more. “I’m so tired.”

“Well why don’t you go lie down on the couch? I’ll come in there in a bit.” Harry suggested.

“All right.” Hermione agreed. She went into the living room and shivered, partly from a chill in the room and partly from…something else, she wasn’t sure what. Squatting down in front of the fireplace, she retrieved her wand from her pocket and quickly lit a fire. Within moments it was crackling cheerfully and the chill was gone.

Hermione sat down on the couch and leaned her head back against the top. The peacefulness of the room along with the fire was lulling her into slumber, and she was almost asleep when she was jerked back into full consciousness by Harry.

“You gorgeous sexy woman.” He said; she could feel him grinning against her lips. “Trying to tempt me like that.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” she asked, opening her eyes. Harry held two goblets in his hand, both filled with Merlot. “Thank you.” She said, accepting it and taking a long sip. She assumed Harry was going to sit down next to her, but he took his own goblet and sat at his piano bench.

“Any requests?” he asked, taking a sip of his wine and rippling his fingers over the keys.

“I don’t care.” Hermione said, leaning her head back again and grinning. She loved it when Harry played the piano; he had almost no time to do so anymore.

Harry smiled in reply, and moved his fingers in an impromptu sort of song, no melody in particular, just several songs mixed into one. Hermione, moved by the way her husband played the piano, got up and sat down next to him on the bench.

“I can never get enough of your playing.” She murmured into his ear. He grinned widely.

“Got any requests now?” he asked, stopping his playing for a moment to give her a kiss.

“Anything that sounds romantic.” She said, leaning her head against his shoulder.

“All right.” Harry said, effortlessly tapping out a tune. Hermione closed her eyes and let the melody wash over her.

“What is this?” she asked softly.

“Chopin, Nocturne in B Flat Minor.” He answered, the flowing music filling the room. Hermione fell quiet again as he played on. His style of playing usually fitted whatever mood he was in, and if this song was any indication, he was feeling somewhat amorous, perhaps even sensual at the moment.

“That was beautiful Harry.” Hermione said dreamily as the song drew to a close. “I love it when you play for me.”

“How about play with you?” he asked huskily, drawing the cover over the keys. Hermione grinned, she had been right about his mood. She reached around him to set her goblet safely out of the way, and then moved to sit on his lap.

“I do believe you’re coming on to me, Mr. Potter.” Hermione said, encircling her arms around his shoulders.

“You may just be right, Mrs. Potter.” Harry replied. His arms were snaking their way around her slim waist, and he pulled her so that their bodies were pressed together. Because she was sitting on his lap, their faces were even, and their noses almost touching.

The two of them sat there, just looking at one another for what seemed like an hour. Her lips trembled from being so close to his, wanting to have him ravage her mouth like a man starved from all affection. Hermione could feel him lightly stroking her back through her shirt, and his light touch was making her crazy.

“Harry…” she started to say, but he removed one hand from around her waist and put a finger on her lips.

“Shhh.” He said, then removed his finger and replaced it with his lips. His kiss was different from earlier. Those were soothing, a way of calming her after a long day. This time his mouth was hot against hers, wanting, needing. Harry reached up and pulled the tie from her hair, and her dark brown locks bounced just below her shoulders. He swept his hand up into it, threading his fingers through the strands. Hermione’s hand left his shoulder and cupped the side of his face as she opened her mouth to him, letting their kiss grow deeper and more devouring.

In a swift and sudden move, Harry stood up, taking her with him. He placed her on top of the piano cover, never taking his mouth from hers. Running his hands up and down her torso, he was pleased to feel her shiver. He started fumbling with the buttons on her shirt, it wasn’t an easy task considering Hermione had just grabbed his glasses and put them next to the two forgotten goblets of wine.

Successfully tugging the last button off, he slipped her shirt down, then removed it completely and dropped it on the floor next to the bench. She returned the favour to him, and helped pull his shirt over his head, depositing it on top of hers.

Harry returned his mouth to hers immediately, thrusting his tongue in roughly, not caring if he was bruising his lips. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt a desperate need to show her how much he loved her right at that moment. With that thought in mind, he began to unzip her jeans, and she stuck her legs out so he could draw them down and discard them like her shirt.

“Harry….” Hermione breathed as she wrapped her legs around his waist. “We’ve never had sex on your piano before.”

“I know.” He said, resting his forehead against hers. “But who said that you can’t dream of interesting ways to make love once you’ve hit forty?”

“I sure didn’t.” Hermione giggled girlishly.

“Glad for that.” Harry’s eyes began to gleam. “There’s a few other places I’d like to try out for kinky sex.” They both laughed softly, and continued consummating their love.


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