Within the Shadows of Hatred (Chapter 5: Interlude (Rated R))

Caitlyn Potter wrapped a rubber band around the end of her long thick braid and tossed it over her shoulder. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror, pleased at what she saw. She was wearing a black halter top and long, fitted black pants. Touching a bit of gloss to her lips, she turned away from the mirror.

“Aren’t you ready yet?” she teased her co worker and good friend Mandy, whom she was sharing a hotel room with while they were in Spain.

“Getting there!” Mandy grinned. “I’ve got to look good tonight.” She grabbed what she was wearing that night from her trunk and went back into the bathroom.

Caitlyn rolled her eyes. “Please, you already know how crazy Daniel is about you.” Turning back to the mirror again she smoothed an invisible spot on her cheek.

“I remember when he liked you.” Mandy dropped her towel in the pile next to the door.

Caitlyn laughed. “So do I. I always thought he looked like my father though, and even if I wasn’t with Blue I still don’t think I could have dated him.”

Mandy giggled. “I’m glad you didn’t.” she said without a trace of jealousy in her voice.

“Do we really have to go back to that same club?” Caitlyn asked a few minutes later.

“It was fun!” Mandy protested.

“Maybe you had fun.” Caitlyn replied, perching herself on the edge of her bed. “I thought it was rather boring.”

“Are you being a spoilsport just because Blue isn’t here?” Mandy asked with a teasing lilt to her voice.

“I guess.” Caitlyn fell backwards and stared up at the ceiling. “We’ve been here a week and it feels like a year.” She hated being separated from her boyfriend of about 5 years; they never normally spent more than a few days apart from one another.

“It’ll be over soon enough and then we’ll be back in rainy old England.” Mandy finished with her makeup.

“Yeah, I suppose.” Caitlyn sat up again and pushed a few escaped strands of hair back. A knock on the door made both girls turn their heads and Mandy leapt forward and pulled it open.

“How are my two favourite girls this evening?” Daniel poked his face through the doorway and grinned at the two of them.

“Fine!” Mandy chirped, grabbing her purse off the chair. “Are you ready?” she asked Caitlyn.

“Yup.” Caitlyn said, getting off the bed. The three of met up with a few other co workers and went down to leave the hotel. Being in a Muggle city, they had to make do with Muggle transportation, as using portkeys wasn’t always wise in such a populated place. Not being able to crowd into a single cab, they waited until Daniel waved down what looked more like a bus.

“Where to?” the driver asked in Spanish.

“Luna de Plata.” Caitlyn replied, squeezing into the far back seat. She moved over to the window and David Carmichael, Arnold Weinholdt, and Michelle Levinski crowded her in. Mandy and Daniel took the smaller seat in front of them as the cab pulled away from the curb with a jolt.

“You look good tonight, Caty.” David was giving her an appreciative glance.

“Thanks.” Caitlyn replied, unaffected by his tone. As conceited as it might sound, she was used to David hitting on her; he knew as well as everyone else about how close she and Blue were. She nudged him now with her shoulder and jerked her head in the direction of Daniel and Mandy, who were already snogging.

“Sick isn’t it?” She grinned.

“I don’t know.” David pulled a mock serious face. “It’s almost as bad as when Blue visits you at the office…” He laughed as she smacked his shoulder.

“Ass.” She said. David smirked and put one arm across her shoulders and the other over Arnold’s.

“My two favourite girls.” He grinned cheekily.

“Sod off David.” Arnold said good-naturedly. Arnold was as gay as they came, and was often teased by David because of it. “You’re just mad because women still flock to me and not you.”

Michelle and Caitlyn burst out laughing at this, and for a few minutes she was able to forget the loneliness of being away from Blue. But by the time they had arrived at the club, gotten drinks and settled in, it had returned. Sipping her rum and coke, Caitlyn smiled to herself as she watched Mandy and Daniel cut up the dance floor, Arnold and Michelle right behind them, and David off in the corner with a Spanish flower he’d met the instant he walked in the door.

Blue Weasley looked at the slip of paper in his hand. “Luna de Plata.” He read, looking up at the bright neon sign. “I sure hope this is the right place.”

It certainly looked like it was, he’d scoured nearly half the city already, many clubs had the name Luna attached to them, but this was thankfully, the only Luna de Plata. Stepping through the doorway, his eyes adjusted to the dim, smoky interior.

“All right Mandy, where are you?” Blue muttered as he scanned through the large crowd. He spotted his girlfriend’s co worker on the dance floor, then looked to the right and saw Caitlyn sitting at a table alone, sipping a drink. He licked his lips at the sight of her bare skin; and her long glossy braid swung over one shoulder. Blue ducked back behind the crowd and stole his way around the floor, not wanting her to see him quite yet.

Bored, Caitlyn moved her body slightly to the pounding sounds of the music pouring through the speakers. Having been raised as a Muggle for almost half her life, she was familiar with the type of tunes they listened to. She was about to take another sip of her drink when all of a sudden two hands had covered her eyes.

“Guess who….” A low voice said into her ear. Caitlyn gasped and whirled around, staring in shock for a long moment.

“Blue!” she finally shrieked, throwing her arms around him. She hugged him tightly for a minute and then pulled back to look at him. “What in Merlin’s name are you doing here?” she put her hand on his cheek, as if wanting to see if he was truly there in front of her.

“Surprise!” he grinned. Caitlyn pulled Blue into a hug again, feeling his arms go around her waist to keep her up tight against him.

“I can’t believe it!” she gasped. “How… how did you know where we were?”

“You have a good friend out there.” Blue moved his head in the direction of Mandy, who was waving at her and grinning like the cat that had just eaten the canary.

Caitlyn couldn’t suppress her own large smile as she looked from Blue to Mandy to Blue again. “So you two planned this?”

“Yes we did.” Blue looked extremely satisfied. “Now how about you pay me back for all this plotting?”

She didn’t need to be told twice. Covering his mouth with hers, Caitlyn hungrily thrust her tongue against his, not caring that they were in a very public place. Blue kissed her back, cupping her cheek in his hand, winding his other around her braid.

“Mmm…” she pulled away after a few minutes. “I still can’t believe you’re really here.” She meant to say it softly but had to shout due to the music. “I’ve really missed you.”

“I missed you too, a lot. The flat isn’t the same when it’s all empty.” The corners of Blue’s mouth turned down a bit. “I had a few days off from Quidditch practice, and so I owled Mandy and worked this out.”

“How long can you stay?” Caitlyn asked, lacing her fingers with his.

“Till the day after tomorrow, I have a meeting in the late afternoon.” He replied. “I wish it could be more, but with us possibly going to the World Cup next summer, we’ve been working extra hard.”

Caitlyn leaned against him. “I’m glad you managed this. Two days is better than nothing.” She felt him smile into her hair. “How about we get out on that floor?” she nodded to where the rest of her friends were dancing together.

Blue stared at her. “Caty, me, dance?”

“Yes, you, dance, Blue.” Caitlyn grinned. “Since you know you can step on my feet, but this isn’t that kind of dancing.”

“It’s not?” He quirked his eyebrows at her and grinned.

She turned and went a few steps onto the floor, then beckoned to him with her index finger. Blue followed immediately, and Caitlyn took his hands and placed one low on her hip, weaving their fingers together with the other.

“Just follow what I do.” She said as she pulled her body up tight against his and placed her free hand on his shoulder.

“All right.” Blue said uncertainly. Caitlyn kissed him once more and then began to move; he tried his hardest to keep up with her but it wasn’t easy. She was a good dancer, but quick, and he spent more time stumbling on his feet and trying to avoid smashing hers rather than actually dance.

“Can we just go?” Blue asked after the third song ended. “I can think of other things I’d like to do with you tonight.” He murmured into her ear.

“Oh Blue, I want to, you know I do… but Mandy and I share a room.” Caitlyn was apologetic.

“What time are they coming back?” he asked.

“I’m not sure.” She replied. “Why?”

“Well, if they’re not coming back for awhile, then we can leave now…” his blue eyes glowed.

“Ooh.” Caitlyn grinned. “Let me go ask her.” She disappeared into the throng of dancers on the floor.

Five minutes later, both of them were in the back of a speeding cab on their way to the hotel. Blue was gripping Caitlyn’s hand tightly, as if he was afraid she was going to take off on him the moment they left the car. Barely making it up to the room, the instant she shut and locked the door behind them Blue had covered her mouth, kissing her roughly.

Tiny cries escaped her throat as their tongues duelled; arms were roaming freely about each other’s bodies. Blue backed Caitlyn up and pushed her against the wall.

“Ouch…” she said, rubbing her backside.

“Sorry.” Blue said sheepishly. “I didn’t hurt you bad did I?”

“No, I’m all right.” Caitlyn grinned. She grabbed his hand. “The bed is much, much more comfortable though.”

Her insinuation was not missed and Blue grabbed her around the waist. Rushing across the room to her bed, he dropped her on it and then jumped in after her.

Caitlyn laughed as he began to kiss her neck. His hands moved up underneath her halter top, his thumbs stroking her skin gently. Sitting up, she guided his hands up so that the halter slipped free. Underneath she wore a strapless bra, which his expert fingers unhooked quickly as well.

Depriving Blue of his shirt and dropping it down on top of her own discarded clothing, their mouths met again in a fiery kiss. They sat up, mouths still fused together; Blue ran his hand down the length of her braid and pulled the rubber band off the end. Twirling his fingers through, he loosened her hair until it fell in a long, shiny waterfall down her back.

“I love your hair…” he murmured as he ran his fingers through the tresses many times, his lips brushing her shoulder.

“Mmhmmm….” Caitlyn said, her eyes closed, enjoying what her boyfriend was doing to her. “I like yours too.”

“Whatever you say…” Blue didn’t want to talk anymore. Pressing his mouth firmly to hers, their tongues clashed madly. He moved his hands down to her pants and fumbled a bit with the zipper before pulling it down and sliding them from her legs. Their mouths returned to each others as Caitlyn undid his trousers and with his help, pulled them off.

Blue pinned her down to the bed as his hands roamed freely, over her flat stomach to her hardened nipples. He took her breast into his mouth and she arched her back, pressing herself against him.

Caitlyn slipped her hand down into his boxers and stroked his manhood, making him groan out her name several times.

“Damn it Caty…” he growled as she grinned up at him. “Why do you have to go and do that?”

“Because I want you….” She pulled his head back down to hers and kissed him so hard she could feel her lips bruise. Blue clutched her body against his and returned her kiss.

*** *** Some Time Later *** ***

“Caty?” Blue asked as he ran his fingers along her arm.

“Hmm?” she asked sleepily.

“Remember the first time we made love?” he asked, turning his head down to look at her.

“No…” she replied.

“You don’t remember?” Blue propped himself up on one elbow and stared down at her. “How could you forget something like that?”

“Relax Blue, I was just kidding. Of course I remember you git!” Caitlyn pushed him back down and moved her body on top of his.

“Sorry.” He said a bit sheepishly.

“Why are you bringing that up anyways?” she asked, yawning.

“I always think about it, especially after we make love.” Blue replied, resuming his previous activity of stroking her skin.

“It was definitely memorable.” She grinned. “On our living room sofa, the night I moved into that flat.”

“You know what I liked best about it?” he asked.

“What?” Caitlyn kissed him lightly.

“That we didn’t plan it.” Blue chuckled. “It was so spontaneous.”

“Well that just describes us perfectly doesn’t it?” Caitlyn was laughing too. “Tonight just proves it once more.” She kissed him again and pushed off him.

“Where are you going?” he whined, missing the warmth of her body.

“To put some clothes on.” Caitlyn replied, pulling a nightgown out of a drawer. “Mandy will be back soon and I don’t want her walking in on us naked.”

“This is why you’re the brains of our relationship.” Blue joked, reaching for his boxers. “You always think of the small details.”

“I hardly think getting dressed before a roommate walks in makes me exceptionally smart.” Caitlyn said wryly as she pulled her mass of hair from the nightgown. “Here.” She said, grabbing a brush from the dresser top. “Braid this for me again.”

Blue took the brush as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Taking it from her crown to the ends, it was awhile before he had it brushed through with no tangles. Caitlyn was leaning back; her eyes closed as he put the brush down and threaded his fingers through her locks. He separated her hair into three sections and began to braid it; making it tight enough so that the braid wouldn’t fall apart while she slept, but loose enough so that she would be comfortable.

“Thanks.” Caitlyn said softly as he finished. Tossing the brush on the dresser, she moved back to where Blue was sitting at the edge of the bed. Straddling his lap, she gently pushed him back down on the bed, and then bent her head so that her mouth met his.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled them both up so their heads were resting on the pillows. Too tired now to be more amorous than just kissing, they drew the covers up and Caitlyn nestled herself in Blue’s arms.

“It was a good surprise Blue.” She said, about to drift off to sleep.

“Was it?” he sounded equally as tired.

“Very good.” She turned in his arms and kissed him once more. “I love you…” she said, her lips moving softly against his.

“I love you too Caty.” Pressing their mouths together briefly, they soon fell asleep.

*** *** The Next Morning *** ***

Blue awoke to the busy sounds of the Spanish city outside the open windows. He stretched one arm out in search of his girlfriend, but instead hit the empty bed next to him.

“Caty?” he called out sleepily. Opening his eyes, he saw a piece of parchment resting on her pillow.


Have to work today. I’ll try to get off early so we can spend as much time together as possible. See you this afternoon!

Love, Caty XOXO-

He smiled and put the note down, rolling on his back and looking up at the intricately carved ceiling. Spending about an hour more in bed, he got up and took a shower, and realised he was starving.

“What’s to eat around here?” Blue wondered, not even thinking of the wand in his bag. He searched through a few drawers, and looked over the tables, but there was nothing even resembling food. Blue thought about going down, he knew there must be a pub like the Leaky Cauldron, but he wasn’t sure how he would get back in the room.

Sighing, he flopped back down on the bed and blew his breath out, trying to ignore his hunger pangs.

“Caitlyn let’s take a break.” Mandy tossed down her quill. “We’ve been at it since eight this morning.”

“All right.” Caitlyn didn’t need to be persuaded.

“So did you have a good night last night?” Mandy asked with a sly grin.

“Yes, you sneak.” Caitlyn couldn’t stop her smile. “Now I see why you were so eager to get back to that club.”

“So…” Mandy studied her nails. “Since Blue’s only in town for a few days, I suppose you wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of a day off for all of us?”

Caitlyn snickered. “I’d thought of that. Seems a shame to waste his visit buried in an old Spanish wizarding library, doesn’t it?”

“Yes I agree.” Mandy said eagerly.

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with you wanting to spend a day alone with Daniel does it?” It was Caitlyn’s turn to look sly now.

“Guilty as charged.” Mandy grinned sheepishly. “Come on, Caty, you know you want to spend tomorrow with Blue…” she wheedled.

“Twist my arm a little.” Caitlyn laughed. “All right, all right, let’s take tomorrow off. We can spare it.”

“Yay!” Mandy hugged her and jumped up. “Guess what everyone! Caitlyn says we can take tomorrow off!”

A chorus of exclamations rose from the group, all of them quite pleased.

“I know you guys will work extra hard day after tomorrow for me, right?” Caitlyn teased.

“Of course we will.” Daniel promised. Arnold, Michelle and David all nodded vigorously.

“For that matter…” Caitlyn closed the books in front of her. “How about the rest of today as well?”

“Caty, did we ever tell you how much we love you?” David nearly shouted.

Caitlyn waved her hand. “Don’t thank me, thank Blue, he’s the reason I’m giving everyone the day off.” Her grin widened. “If you can find him that is…”

Everyone laughed as they stacked the books to be returned by the librarian, then went up out into the warm sunshine. It was only half past noon, and Caitlyn was hungry; they had all gulped down a quick breakfast that morning.

Arnold hailed a bus taxi similar to the one they took the night before, and they were back at the hotel in no time.

“Everyone have a good day tomorrow!” Caitlyn called to her co workers. She headed to the elevators and rode up to her room, anxious to see Blue. Opening the door with her key, she peered inside.

“Hello?” she called out, and suddenly a red haired figure hurtled itself at her.

“FOOD!” Blue cried. “I’m so hungry I could eat a hippogriff!”

“Why didn’t you call for room service?” Caitlyn asked.

“What?” Blue was confused. “Room service?”

“Never mind.” Caitlyn hugged him around the waist. “There’s a café downstairs, we can get something there.”

“Great.” Blue pulled himself away and headed towards the door.

“Ahem.” Caitlyn cleared her throat deliberately. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“What?” Blue looked around. “Money?”

“No…” Caitlyn stepped forward. “This.” she stood on her toes and planted her lips on his firmly, running her hands up and over his chest. He returned her kiss, sweeping his tongue over her lips and entering her mouth.

“I can’t believe you forgot to kiss me.” She muttered.

“I didn’t forget.” Blue claimed. “I’m just really really hungry!” he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her again, keeping his lips on hers longer this time.

“That’s what I thought.” Caitlyn said as they broke apart. She took his hand, lacing their fingers together. “If you’re still hungry, let’s go get food.”

Blue didn’t put up an argument as they went back downstairs and into the café. They were seated immediately and given menus.

“Caty I can’t read any of this!” Blue said, looking at the rows of neat printing. Caitlyn smiled and moved next to him.

“Well, this is good, and this… you’d like this as well.” She pointed out several things on the menu, telling him what each one was. When the waiter came over to take their order, he just wound up pointing, since he couldn’t pronounce anything.

“Guess what?” Caitlyn said once their glasses had been filled with water.

“What?” Blue asked, his mouth full of the bread the waiter had just set down.

“Since you’re here, I gave everyone the day off tomorrow.” Caitlyn replied with a smile. “So now tonight and tomorrow we can spend the day doing anything we want.” She raised an insinuating eyebrow.

Blue grinned; he knew exactly what he wanted to do with her. “Anything?” he asked in a low tone.

“Anything.” Caitlyn replied, lowering her voice as well. “So I was thinking, we have a rented moped, and once you get into the countryside there are villas that you can spend the night in…” she trailed off.

“So you’re thinking we can go off alone and spend the night somewhere.” Blue finished. “Definitely.”

“Great.” Caitlyn said. “Did I tell you how happy I am that you came?”

“Last night.” Blue grinned. “And then again this morning, really quietly.”

“Oh right…” she said. Caitlyn reached for his hand across the table. Her heart thumped madly against her chest as he grinned at her again. She loved him, so much. It both amused and scared her to think of how hesitant she had been during the first few months of their relationship.

Having him as a best friend had been one of the best things that had ever happened to her; second only to finding her mother at age 11. Blue had helped her come out of her shell, had been there for her during all previous relationships, had comforted her whenever she got homesick, and now he was just so much more, almost her whole world.

“What are you thinking about?” Blue asked, stuffing his sixth piece of bread into his mouth.

“You.” Caitlyn replied. “How I got so lucky.” She squeezed his hand.

“I think I’m the lucky one.” Blue replied. “I thought for sure that last night in our 7th year I had screwed everything up.”

Caitlyn laughed. “No, that was all me. I was so blind to how I felt about you.” She leaned forward. “But thank goodness it all turned out right. I can’t imagine myself with anyone else.”

“Neither can I.” Blue agreed as their food was set down before them. Both of them were silent as they ate quickly. Caitlyn paid the bill when they were done and they headed outside to the parking lot.

“I am NOT wearing a pink helmet!” Blue crossed his arms over his chest and glowered at his girlfriend.

“But this one is Arnold’s!” Caitlyn replied, thrusting it at him. “And it’s the only one to fit your head, mine is too small!”

Blue shook his head stubbornly. “No way, I have no problems with Arnold being gay, but I draw the line at wearing PINK!”

Caitlyn rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She said. Looking around, she decided there were no Muggles around to witness her display of magic, and drew her wand out to quickly change the colour.

“That’s much better.” Blue said, taking the black helmet from her hands.

“Stubborn asshole.” She muttered affectionately, starting the moped.

“What?” he asked, the helmet made things muffled. Caitlyn didn’t reply, but kicked off and Blue had to grab her around the waist so that he didn’t fall off. He admired her driving skills as she wove through the Muggle city, not once getting them caught in a traffic jam. Caitlyn seemed to know back streets and alleyways that would get them out of anything.

Soon enough they were driving through the countryside, it was a lot more beautiful than Blue would have thought it’d be. The trees were still in full bloom; the landscape rich despite the late summer temperature. After going for about an hour, she pulled over at a tiny roadside stand*.

“What are we doing?” Blue asked, removing the cumbersome helmet from his head.

“I saw the paintings and I’ve been looking for a gift for my parents.” Caitlyn replied, swinging one leg over the moped. She trotted off towards the stand.

Blue sauntered along at a leisurely pace, taking a look at the pictures put up for display. He was impressed; they were all done in oil paints and quite realistic looking.

“Which one, do you think?” Caitlyn held two up. “I can’t decide which one I like better.”

“Umm….” Blue looked at both paintings while the booth owner waited patiently. “That one.” He chose the one she held in her right hand.

“That’s the one I was thinking as well.” Caitlyn set the other back down gently. “My mother will love this; she’s always looking for things to hang in the house.” She paid for the painting and after settling it securely on top of their bags, they took off again.

They drove on for another hour, stopping once more for a bathroom break and to get a drink at a small Spanish restaurant. Blue had wanted to stay for a snack, but Caitlyn insisted once they got to a place to stay they could change up and have dinner.

Arriving at a restored villa a little while later, Caitlyn checked them in. The receptionist was a bit inquisitive, and spoke in rapid Spanish that even Caitlyn had trouble understanding. As she handed them the keys to the room, Blue wondered why the two women were laughing.

“What was that all about?” Blue asked in a whisper as they walked up the circular stairway to the second floor, where their room was.

“Oh.” Caitlyn swallowed a giggle. “She asked if we were married, so I told her yes, we were on our honeymoon and looking to get away from the city for a night or so.”

Blue stared at her. “You said we were on our honeymoon?”

Caitlyn dangled a key before him and dropped it into his palm. “It got us the honeymoon suite for the price of a regular one.”

“Aha!” Blue’s eyes gleamed. “Well… wife of mine…” he hugged her around the waist as she laughed again. “Let’s go check this out.” He unlocked the door and they stepped inside, dropping their bags.

“Wow.” Caitlyn looked around the airy room. “This is gorgeous!”

“Well the only thing I need to know about is the bed.” Blue kicked the door shut behind him and grabbed Caitlyn, hoisting her over his shoulder. She shrieked in surprise as he ran across the room and dropped her on the bed. “How does it feel?”

“Get on here and find out!” Caitlyn pulled him down next to her.

“Ooh, very nice.” Blue pushed her onto the mattress. He kissed her lightly, moving his hand down over her stomach. “Just the way I like it.”

“You’re such a letch you know that?” she asked as they both grinned at each other.

“Only for you.” He nuzzled at her neck as her hands caressed his backside. They divulged in a lengthy snogging session that lasted for quite awhile, pulling away from one another when both of them realised the light was growing dimmer.

“I’m starving.” Blue immediately said upon looking at the clock.

“You’re always hungry.” Caitlyn replied, swinging her legs off the side of the bed and standing up.

“I know but this time I’m really hungry.” Blue got up as well.

“Well there’s a restaurant downstairs.” Caitlyn replied. “We can either go there or hop back on the moped and drive somewhere.”

“Downstairs is fine.” He said. Caitlyn grabbed her bag and disappeared into the bathroom.

“I’ll be out in a few minutes.” She called through the door. Blue got himself ready quickly, putting on a dark pair of trousers with an off white shirt, leaving the top few buttons undone. He ran a brush through his longish red hair and sat on the bed.

“Come on!” He called a quarter of an hour later when his girlfriend still hadn’t emerged. “You said you’d only be a few minutes!”

“Relax!” Caitlyn opened the door. “I’m ready!”

“Wow!” Blue forgot about his misgivings and stared. Her hair was loose and wavy, the thick locks tucked behind her ears, her tan standing out against the ivory silk slip-dress that went to her knees. Matching shoes and the diamond earrings he had given her completed the outfit.

“What?” Caitlyn felt self conscious as he stared and stared at her.

“You look gorgeous.” Blue got up, still looking at her. “Wow!”

A slightly embarrassed smile sprang to her lips. “Thanks.” She murmured. “Ready to go then?”

“I’ve been ready.” He teased. “Took you forever!”

“Well I had to look good; we women have a reputation to uphold you know.” Caitlyn shot back as he wound his arms around her waist.

“You won’t see me complaining.” He said and she started laughing. “What you don’t believe me?” he asked jokingly.

“Only on the days that don’t end in Y.” She replied smartly and they both laughed.

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to keep my hands off you tonight.” Blue leaned in and kissed her lightly.

“Well considering we’re on our honeymoon you don’t have to.” Caitlyn remarked as she pressed her mouth to his again. “Come on, if we keep this up we’ll never get to dinner.”

They went downstairs and Blue noted without a trace of jealousy that Caitlyn was getting quite a few second looks from the other men staying at the villa. She spoke more Spanish that he couldn’t understand to the host, and just a moment later, they were being led to a table near the back of the dimly lit restaurant.

“This is nice.” Caitlyn said once their water goblets had been filled. Tables were sporadically spread through the restaurant, the only light came from candles at each booth and two large chandeliers that were hanging from the ceiling. “Romantic.”

“Very.” Blue replied. He opened the menu and tried to read it, once again it was impossible. “Caty, can you order for both of us?”

“Sure.” She hid her smile and looked through the menu quickly, picking a few things that they would both like and could share. “Do you want some wine as well?”

“That sounds fine.” He sat back in his chair and sipped his water. A waiter came by and Caitlyn placed their order.

“He was hitting on you.” Blue said as the young man walked away.

“No he wasn’t.” Caitlyn replied.

“Of course he was.” Blue insisted. “I know it when I see it.”

“Oh you do, do you?” Caitlyn asked, reaching for his hand. She wove their fingers together over the tabletop. “I’m not so sure if you know the difference.”

“Yes I do!” he replied indignantly. “I always flirt with you!”

“You do not… you hit on me… there’s a huge difference!” Caitlyn said.

“Like what?” Blue asked as the waiter came back, producing a bottle of Sangria and a hot dish of paella. She was silent as the waiter poured both of them a glass of the wine and left again.

“Flirting is just fun, innocent banter.” Caitlyn said as they each took a helping of paella. “Hitting on someone is more sexual, innuendo and undertones.”

“So you’re saying you don’t like it when I hit on you?” Blue pushed his lower lip out.

“Of course I do.” Caitlyn replied, grinning devilishly. “You’re the only one.”

“Always glad to hear that.” Blue said, moving his foot so that it was rubbing against hers. “This is great!” he took a second helping of the paella.

“Yes it’s very good.” Caitlyn agreed. “But I’d save room – we still have the main course coming up.”

“Would that be you?” Blue eyed her low cut dress suggestively.

“Silly.” She replied. “I’m your dessert!”

Two bottles of Sangria and a main course later, he was more than ready for his dessert. They charged dinner to their room and left the restaurant, Blue keeping his hand on her waist as they walked across the lobby and up the stairs.

“Come on!” he said impatiently as she tried to put the key in the lock. His mouth moved from her shoulder up her neck as he twisted his fingers in her hair.

“Bluuuuuue….” Caitlyn laughed. “Stop it!”

“What?” he asked, pulling his most innocent face. She finally worked the key into the lock and opened the door.

“You know what.” Caitlyn pulled on his hand so that Blue followed her into the room, kicking the door shut behind him. Pulling her into his arms, he lowered his mouth to hers.

Blue half carried her over to the bed where she pushed away from him and perched herself on the edge. Holding one leg out, she turned her high heeled foot around in a circle and then placed it in his palm. Blue undid the strap and slid the shoe off, running his hands up her smooth leg.

Caitlyn laid back, her hair spreading out around her like a blanket. Blue took her other foot and slowly took the shoe off, tossing it aside. He moved up on the bed, leaning over her and their mouths met again. Caitlyn pushed him back and flipped him over so that she was on top, her long locks falling over them like a curtain.

“Be right back…” she murmured, pulling her mouth from his.

“Where are you going?” Blue asked, barely able to raise his head.

“To change…” Caitlyn grabbed a small bag from her larger one and grinned as she disappeared into the bathroom. Blue fell back onto the bed for a moment, then got up and ripped his shirt off along with his trousers. He sat back on the bed in his snitch covered boxers, waiting for his girlfriend to come back out.

“Are you ready?” her voice teased from behind the door.

“Get out here!” Blue replied. He saw the door inch open and then Caitlyn appeared in the doorway, posing like a model. “Merlin’s beard!” his jaw dropped for the second time that evening as he looked at her. She had put on the tiniest excuse for lingerie that he’d ever seen. All he was able to comprehend was that it was black, lacy, strapless, and fit her like a glove. Her long hair fell in cascading waves past her waist and moved alluringly as she walked towards him.

“Do you like what you see?” She literally purred as she climbed onto the bed and came up to him on all fours.

“Uh huh.” Blue was struck dumb as Caitlyn pushed him flat on the bed and immediately began plundering his mouth. His hands came up around her hips and moved up and down freely over her body as his tongue thrust into her mouth.

She let out a soft whimper that wasn’t missed by him, and it only spurred him on further, his reaction to her appearance quite obvious. Caitlyn pushed her body up and down on him, her lips moving from his mouth to his neck, his shoulder and down over his chest.

“Caty…” Blue’s voice was almost just a breath as she hooked her fingers on the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down.

“Someone’s excited…” Caitlyn teased as she dropped the boxers off the edge of the bed and leaned back towards him.

“God!!!” Blue arched his back and grasped the sheets tightly in his fists as Caitlyn went down on him. His eyes closed as her fingers and mouth worked wonders. Just when he thought he was going to explode, she began to work her way up his torso, her tongue flicking out against his skin.

“Mmmm….” Caitlyn purred from within her throat as her mouth fused with Blue’s. His arms came up and crushed her body on top of his, his fingers threading through her hair.

Their bodies came together that night in a frenzy of passion that neither one knew the other was capable of. It was their roughest yet best lovemaking session yet, and Caitlyn later wondered if it had to do with their separation and how they would be had he not come for a visit.

They awoke the next morning and took a leisurely shower together in the large bathroom, then decided to stay in and order room service for breakfast.

“What do you want to do?” Caitlyn asked, stretched out on the bed as Blue played with her hair. “We don’t have to head back until this afternoon.”

“I could think of a few things.” Blue said, abandoning her braid. He pulled himself up next to her and covered her mouth with his. “Like that…” he said after he pulled away.

Caitlyn giggled. “We’ve been doing this,” she curled her hand around his neck and brought his mouth back onto hers. “All morning long.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Blue answered, grinning. “How about checking out and doing some sightseeing on the way back into the city?”

“Sure.” Caitlyn gave him one last kiss and got up, pulling her shirt back down. “There’s really not much out this way, but we’ll take the drive slow.”

So they did just that, once they’d paid their night at the villa. Most of the scenery was rather barren, as it was late summer and they hadn’t had a lot of rain, but they enjoyed the ride immensely and were disappointed when they arrived back in the city.

“I only have about 15 minutes before I have to leave,” Blue frowned upon checking his watch.

“That’s all?” Caitlyn asked in surprise, grabbing his arm to see for herself. “Well bugger…”

“I know.” He said. They went silently up in the lift to her floor, surprised to see the room empty.

“Well I did give them the day off,” Caitlyn said. “I’m sure none of them are anywhere near the city.”

“Good, that means I get privacy with you,” he grinned. She smiled back and set her bag down on the floor next to the wall.

“I can’t believe I’m not going to see you for another three days now.” Caitlyn pouted.

“At least it’s not another week,” Blue pointed out.

“True,” she sighed, and then looked up at him. “Come here.” He went willingly into her arms. “I’ll miss you a lot.”

“Me too,” he spoke into her hair.

“I’m so glad you did this though,” Caitlyn pulled back and grinned. “I owe you one don’t I?”

“Yes, you do.” Blue grinned back. “I’ll expect payment in full when you get back to England.”

“All right, all right.” Caitlyn laughed. “I’ll start right now though.”

“I won’t stop you,” he replied before she pressed her mouth against his. His hands went down to her waist as she wound her arms around his neck. They stood and kissed for a few minutes before Blue finally pulled away.

“I have to go,” he said. They kissed quickly once more. Blue dug through his bag and produced a Quidditch glove. “It should be activated any minute now,” he said, setting it on the edge of the bed. As if on cue, it lit up slightly.

“I love you,” Caitlyn said, hugging him once more.

“I love you too,” Blue answered. “I’ll see you in a few days, all right?”

“All right,” she replied. He grabbed onto the glove and disappeared. Caitlyn sighed, flopping onto the bed. He was right though. It was only a few more days.

* The painting Caitlyn bought in this story goes along with the one that she really did buy for her parents in Within the Shadows of Hatred… although in the real story, she and her research team went out of town on a lead for their amulet, and she saw the roadside stand.


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