You Wanna Bet? (Chapter Two)

As the fire embers were gradually fading a lone figure made their way down the dormitory stairs. As they reached the bottom, she sighed and muttered.

“Typical James, always late.”

She made her way over to the couch by the fire and decided to give James 10 minutes to show up. However, as soon as she sat down she heard a yelp come from beneath her and jumped up from the sofa. Gradually, James face and body appeared from under his invisibility cloak. His features clearly showed he had been sleeping and Lily had to wait a few minutes before James fully woke up. Once awake, James started telling Lily what he had got himself into.

“Well, You know how much Sirius and I like bets?”

“Oh no . . . What have you got yourself into this time James? ”

“Well, you see Sirius, Remus and I kind of had a bet to show I could get any girl I wanted and to prove it, I have to get with the girl they choose in the next 5 weeks. And well.” James paused. “Well the girl they chose was . . . you.”

The smile that Lily had on her face was wiped off and replaced with a look of shock.

“Then why are you telling me this?”

“Well, I don’t want to lose the money, but I don’t want to hurt you either. So, I decided to tell you and ask if we can work together. You’ll get ½ the winnings, 25 galleons.”

“25 galleons! Sure I’m in! We’re gonna have to make it believable though. I say we start ‘officially’ going out in about a week and a half from now. Until then I think we . . . .”

The two spent most of the night planning what to do until the fire had long gone out and James looked at his watch.

“Shit! Its 3 ‘o’ clock in the morning and we’ve got lessons later. Perhaps we’d better try and get some sleep.”

“I agree,” Lily said whilst stifling a yawn. “This is gonna be hilarious.”

“And profitable too.” James added. “Well, goodnight Lily.”

“Goodnight James.” With that she hugged James and went up to her own dorm. James stood in the same position and watched Lily until she disappeared. He then shock his head and made his way up to his own dorms.

The next morning Lily woke up to find James hovering by the side of her bed cleaning up a pool of water and the remnants of a glass bowl. He was muttering to himself

“Jeez, why do I always have to be so clumsy. All I try to do is play one prank and I can’t even get that right.”

Lily couldn’t help herself from making a comment.

“Awww, don’t worry, we can still make a use of you yet.”

James nearly jumped out of his skin upon hearing Lily.

“Lily! Er Hi. I was um, just, well.” James paused and Lily looked at him expectantly. “I didn’t know you had woken up.” He finished lamely.”Well, I was asleep until someone’s whinings woke me up. Come on, I might as well get up now. Wait for me in the common room, I’ll be down in about 15 minutes.”

James nodded and walked out of the room guiltily.

When Lily met James in the common room they decided to make their way down to breakfast even though, most people wouldn’t be there for another ½ hour.

“Anyway, the reason why I woke you up early was to ask you about the plan. Are you sure you want to start step one today, we can wait a while if you want to.”

“Well. I think we might as well start today, I means we’ll get all that money, that much quicker.” A wide grin spread across Lily’s face as she said this.”I can’t wait till I get those guys back for choosing me!”

Later on, on the way to their History of Magic class, Lily and James were walking ahead of the other five, their heads close together. The two girls were standing in between Sirius and Remus with Peter tagging along behind.

“Blimey, Lily and James seem to be getting on really well this year” Jenny said.

“Yeah.” Remus agreed awkwardly. Sirius just laughed nervously. Both Sirius and Remus were still feeling guilty from the bet they had made yesterday.

“Heh heh. But Lily would never go out with him right? She knows what a player he is.”Arabella scoffed at Sirius’ comment.

“You can’t talk. You’re worse than James is. Want James for yourself?!?” Jenny laughed

“But seriously, Jenny and I both know Lily has a crush on James. She keeps denying it but we know its true. It won’t be long before they’re going out.” Both girls sighed contentedly.

Both guys exchanged nervous glances as they made their way through the door into the History of Magic classroom and sat at the only free table, the opposite side of the class to James and Lily.

As professor Binns started reading out his notes monotonously reading out his notes, the group of Gryffindors were discussing Lily and James behavior towards each other

“See that?” Bella said excitedly. “James is so obviously flirting with her. See all the hand movements, he’s obviously engrossed in talking to Lily”

The group stopped talking and watched laugh at whatever James just said. They carried on their conversation before she put on a mock serious face and hit James on the arm.

“Oh my gosh! Jenny exclaimed. “She is SO flirting back. See, we were right!” What happened next, sent the group into silence and then all burst into laughter at once.

At Lily and James table, James was talking excitedly about his most recent ideas of pranks to do on Snape. He had just finished telling Lily about his favorite idea, which had Lily shaking with silent laughter. After Lily had composed herself, their conversation continued.

“Why do you pull so many pranks on Snape and Malfoy anyway? I know they’re evil and all that but don’t you think you should give them a break sometime? They’ll become suspecting and then your pranks won’t be as effective!” Lily finished dramatically.

“True, but who else can we prank?” A gleam came into James’ eyes. “Unless we start with You, Bella and Jenny?” He questioned, a slight smile on his face.

“You do and you die.” Lily said whilst hitting his arm. Unfortunately for James, he was swinging back on his chair at the time and his eyes gained a look of shock before he grabbed for the table, missed and landed on the floor with a loud ‘thud’. Professor Binns didn’t seem to notice what was going on at the back of the class but the rest of the students did. Lily burst out laughing as did most of the class at the look of pure shock on James face, which was going pink with embarrassment.

Lily stopped laughing, long enough to help James up.

“Sorry James.” As an afterthought, she said. “Think of it as a warning if you ever decide to pull pranks on us three!”

“If total humiliation is a warning, what’s the real thing like?!?”

Lily just smiled sweetly and the two drifted into a comfortable silence.

About half an hour later, James was fast asleep, his head held up by his hands, a slight smile on his face. Lily too was asleep, her head resting on the table. At the other group’s table was a much different sight.

“Awww, look at that, they’re just so cute together.” Jenny sighed

“Yeah, just look at them staring at each other!” Bella added. Sirius rolled his eyes before saying

“Don’t you think you two are taking this matchmaking thing a bit too far. Anyway, it’s obvious they’re asleep.”

“They can’t be, Lily never falls asleep in class.”

“Well, I think that today is a first!” Remus said.

“I bet they’re not” Jenny said sluggishly, whilst still looking at James and Lily.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Sirius’ eyes lit up.

“Oooh! A bet”

“Oh boy, not again” Remus sighed

“We bet you 2 galleons that they’re not asleep”

“Um excuse me? We? You can count me out of this one.” Remus said

“Me too. Bella it’s up to you if you want to”

Arabella was never one to refuse a bet, just like Sirius and James. She grinned at Sirius and held her hand out.

“Be prepared to lose your money. We can find out after the bell.”

The group then sat in silence, watching the couple on the other side of the class.

15 minutes later, the group was making their way out of the classroom, Sirius with a huge grin on his face, glad he had won his bet. Arabella, walking slightly behind him, had her arms crossed but still had a smile on her face and James was at the back of the line, holding his head.

Just before the bell had gone, James head had slipped and, just as the bell signaled the end of class, James was jerked awake by his head hitting the table.

Meanwhile, Sirius turned round to face all his friends before saying

“Some History lesson eh?!?”


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